"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
-- Proverbs 29:18, King James Bible (KJV)


Selected Publications of Andis Kaulins

Kaulins, Andis (2015), Sky Earth Native America 1: American Indian Rock Art Petroglyphs Pictographs Cave Paintings Earthworks & Mounds as Land Survey & Astronomy, Volume 1, Edition 2, 266 pages, CreateSpace, Amazon, History: Americas, 2015, http://www.createspace.com/5745812, print edition in color, ISBN: 1517396816 / 9781517396817.

Kaulins, Andis (2015), Sky Earth Native America 2: American Indian Rock Art Petroglyphs Pictographs Cave Paintings Earthworks & Mounds as Land Survey & Astronomy, Volume 2, Edition 2, 262 pages, CreateSpace, Amazon, History: Americas, 2015, http://www.createspace.com/5745813, print edition in color, ISBN: 1517396832 / 9781517396831.

Kaulins, Andis (2015), Season of Birth, Marriage & Profession: Genes are Profoundly Affected by the Seasons, 68 pages, CreateSpace, Amazon, Social Science: General, 2015, http://www.createspace.com/5516112, print edition in color, ISBN:1512328901 / 9781512328905.

Kaulins, Andis (2014), Law is a Seamless Web - Volume 1: LawPundit 2003-2006, 328 pages, CreateSpace, Amazon, print edition in black and white at http://www.createspace.com/4974386, ISBN: 1500997110 / 9781500997113. 

Kaulins, Andis (2014), Law is a Seamless Web - Volume 2: LawPundit 2007-2009, 326 pages, CreateSpace, Amazon, print edition in black and white at http://www.createspace.com/4995841, ISBN: 1502349299 / 9781502349293.

Kaulins, Andis (2014), Law is a Seamless Web - Volume 3: LawPundit 2010-2011, 326 pages, CreateSpace, Amazon, print edition in black and white at http://www.createspace.com/5024945, ISBN: 150255271X / 9781502552716. 

Kaulins, Andis (2014), Law is a Seamless Web - Volume 4: LawPundit 2012-2014, 326 pages, CreateSpace, Amazon, print edition in black and white at http://www.createspace.com/5070319, ISBN: 1502977141 / 9781502977144.

Kaulins, Andis (2014), The Syllabic Origins of Writing and the Alphabet, 136 pages, CreateSpace, Amazon, black and white, http://www.createspace.com/4923438, print edition, 2014, ISBN: 1500654787 / 9781500654788. 

Kaulins, Andis (2012) Ancient Signs: The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing, print, color version, 200 pages, ePubli: Berlin, Germany, 2012, ISBN: 978-3-8442-2017-9.
Kaulins, Andis (2012) Ancient Signs: The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing, PDF ebook, color version, 200 pages, ePubli: Berlin, Germany, 2012, no ISBN.

Kaulins, Andis (2012) Ancient Signs: The Alphabet and the Origins of Writing, print, black and white version, 200 pages, ePubli: Berlin, Germany, 2012, ISBN: 978-3-8442-1882-4.
Kaulins, Andis (2012) Ancient Signs: The Alphabet and the Origins of Writing, PDF ebook, black and white version, 200 pages, ePubli: Berlin, Germany, 2012, no ISBN.

Merz, Ludwig (chief editor and author); Hill, John Michael (author); Kaulins, Andis J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence) (author); Werner, Heinz Dr.phil. (author) (2000 to the present, starting at the 2nd edition), Langenscheidt Routledge Fachwörterbuch Wirtschaft, Handel und Finanzen Englisch-Deutsch Deutsch-Englisch [Langenscheidt Routledge Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance German-English English-German], now in its 4th edition, 1582 pp. Langenscheidt: Munich, Germany and Routledge: London, England, United Kingdom.
This is the world’s leading professional dictionary on business, commerce and finance for the language pair German-English and English-German. The last print edition of this dictionary was the 4th edition, published in 2011. According to the copyright pages and prefaces of the various editions, the first print edition of this dictionary was published by Langenscheidt/Routledge in 1997 and included work by Therese Apweiler, Charlotte Crawford-Ameler, Brigitte Geddes, Claudia Gehricke, Vicky Jeunhomme, Rila Lingemann, Marion Meunier-Geske, Hannelore Schatz, Brigitte Scott, Ute Scholl, Reinhard Stolberg, Ursula Wappler and Lieselotte Wlachopulos. The team of authors starting with the second edition (2000) were Ludwig Merz (Leitender Author, Chief Author), John Michael Hill (only for the second edition), Andis Kaulins, and Dr. phil. Heinz Werner, with Christa Schleussner as Translation Advisor. The printed book has since been adapted to the digital app world. See http://www.langenscheidt.de/Langenscheidt-Professional-Fachwoerterbuch-Wirtschaft-Handel-und-Finanzen-Englisch-fuer-Handys-und-Smartphones-App-fuer-Android/978-3-86117-969-6. Chief author Ludwig Merz has been listed as the "author" since the 3rd edition ("Unter der Leitung von Ludwig Merz").

Kaulins, Andis (Italian translation by Mariagrazia Pelaia) (2010) Stelle, Pietre e Scienziati : Antichissimi siti megalitici sembrano forme primordiali di osservazione astronomica, Journal Article in Prometeo : Rivista trimestrale di scienze e storia, Anno 28, Numero 112, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Dicembre 2010.

Kaulins, Andis (2008) The Phaistos Disc: An Ancient Enigma Solved: Two corroborative Old Elamite scripts can be deciphered using the Greek syllabic values obtained for the Phaistos Disc by A. Kaulins in 1980, Conference paper presented October 31, 2008, at the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE PHAISTOS DISK, Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, England, United Kingdom, as sponsored by Minerva, the International Review of Ancient Art & Archaeology, Jerome E. Eisenberg, Ph.D., editor. The paper is online at: http://ancientworldblog.blogspot.com/2008/11/phaistos-disc-ancient-enigma-solved-two.html while the PPT Power Point Presentation is online at http://phaistosdisc.blogspot.com/2010/01/phaistos-disc-two-corroborative-old.html & http://minoanculture.blogspot.com/2009/05/posting-on-decipherment-of-phaistos.html (PPT -- Power Point -- with images and edited text and the blog posting with full text transcription).

Kaulins, Andis (2008) Der Osnabrücker Bodenhimmel [The Hermetic Planisphere at Osnabrück] Forschungskreis Externsteine e.V., Conference paper presented at the 42nd Jahrestagung des Forschungskreises Externsteine e.V., May 1, 2008. The article is online at http://www.megaliths.net/DerOsnabrueckerBodenhimmel.doc.

Kaulins, Andis (2007) Writing as LawPundit, Justices Opinions Law Clerks Chess and Appellate Delay at page 81 in BlawgWorld 2007 with TechnoLawyer Problem/Solution Guide, a TechnoLawyer eBook reviewed at LLRX.com at A Review of TechnoLawyer's Free BlawgWorld 2007 ebook.

Kaulins, Andis (2007) Das Tanum System - ein alteuropäisches Vermessungssystem ? [The Tanum System: Ancient Seafarers as Megalithic Surveyors of Europe and Africa ?] Forschungskreis Externsteine e.V., Conference paper presented at the 41st Jahrestagung des Arbeitskreises Walther Machalett, May 17, 2007. The paper is found online at http://www.megaliths.net/Das Tanum System von Andis Kaulins 19 Juni 2007.pdf

Kaulins, Andis (2005), ENGLISH: The Origin of the Cult of Horus in Predynastic Egypt (Journal article in the author’s own English translation from the German). Online at the Ancient Egypt Weblog, starting at http://ancientegyptweblog.blogspot.com/2005/10/origin-of-cult-of-horus-page-1.htm
Kaulins, Andis (2005), GERMAN: Zum Ursprung des Horus-Glaubens im vordynastischen Ägypten [The Origin of the Cult of Horus in Predynastic Egypt], Forschungskreis Externsteine e.V., Journal Article in Efodon Synesis, Issue 5, Sept./Okt. 2005, Vol. 12, Nr. 71, pp. 19-31, found online at http://www.efodon.de/html/archiv/pyramiden/weitere/2005-SY5%20kaulins_horusglaube.pdf

Kaulins, Andis (2005), GERMAN: Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra: Beweisführung und Deutung, Efodon Synesis, Issue 2, März/April, 2005, Vol. 12, Nr. 68, pp. 45-51, but not available in their archives. It is online at the Ancient World Blog: http://ancientworldblog.blogspot.com/2005/07/die-himmelsscheibe-von-nebra.htm. The English language version is here:
Kaulins, Andis (2005), ENGLISH: The Nebra Sky Disk: Evidence and Interpretation, found online at http://www.megaliths.net/nebraskydisk.pdf.

Kaulins, Andis (2005) Sternensteine - Darstellungen frühgeschichtlicher Astronomie am Beispiel der Externsteine [Star Stones - Prehistoric Astronomy on the Example of the Extern Stones] (Conference Presentation May 6-7, 2005, Horn/Externsteine, 39. Arbeitstagung des Arbeits und Forschungskreises Walther Machalett für Vor und Frühgeschichte e.V.). Online at http://www.megaliths.net/DieExternsteineKaulins.pdf.

Kaulins, Andis (softcover 2003, hardcover 2006) Stars Stones and Scholars : The Decipherment of the Megaliths as an Ancient Survey of the Earth by Astronomy. 1st edition, 2003 (softcover) ISBN: 1412013445, 9781412013444, 2006 (hardcover) ISBN: 1412201357, 9781412201353, Trafford Publishing (originally in Victoria, BC, Canada, now in Bloomington, Indiana, USA). http://bookstore.trafford.com/Products/SKU-000167707/Stars-Stones-and-Scholars.aspx.

Kaulins, Andis (1998) Waren die Pharaonen Legastheniker? (Dyslexia Journal, Nr. 3, Winter, 1998/1999, pp. 8-11). The article is online at  http://www.andiskaulins.com/publications/dyslexia/dyslexia.htm.

Kaulins, Andis (1994) Infinity One : A Minoan Computer Adventure (a PC computer game adventure initially written entirely by Andis Kaulins in Atari STOS and converted by Andis Kaulins to the PC via Visual Basic for Microsoft Windows™, ca. 10 MB), 1st ed., Göttingen, Germany: Isandis Industries International Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Infinity One was reviewed by Günter Haupt in Windows aktuell April/Mai Ausgabe 4/5, 1995, see http://www.andiskaulins.com/publications/infinityone/infinityonereview.htm

Kaulins, Andis (1981) An Astrological Zodiac in the Script of Easter Island, 1st ed., Darmstadt, Germany, as Volume 4 in the series Origins : Studies in the History of Mankind and its Languages, ed. Andis Kaulins, online at http://www.andiskaulins.com/publications/easterisland/easter.htm

Kaulins, Andis & Breidaks, A. (1980) The Relation of the Baltic Languages to Illyrian, 1st ed., Darmstadt, Germany, as Volume 3 in the series Origins Studies in the History of Mankind and its Languages, ed. Andis Kaulins, online at http://www.andiskaulins.com/publications/illyrians/illyrians.htm

Kaulins, Andis (1980) The Etruscan Bronze Liver of Piacenza: An Ancient Starfinder and Calendar, 1st ed., Darmstadt, Germany, as Volume 2 in the series Origins : Studies in the History of Mankind and its Languages, ed. Andis Kaulins, online at http://www.andiskaulins.com/publications/etruscans/etruscans.htm

Kaulins, Andis (1980) The Phaistos Disc: Hieroglyphic Greek with Euclidean Dimensions : The "Lost Proof" of Parallel Lines, 1st ed., Darmstadt, Germany, Volume 1 in the series Origins Studies in the History of Mankind and its Languages, ed. Andis Kaulins, online at http://www.andiskaulins.com/publications/phaistos/phaistos.htm

Kaulins, Andis and Kim, Kie-Taek, editors (1979) The foreign policies and foreign trade of the German Democratic Republic and the Korean Democratic People's Republic: Die Aussenpolitik und der Aussenhandel der DDR und der KDVR, 1st ed., Kiel, Germany: German Korea Studies Group, Kim, Youn-Soo publisher. Conference Proceedings. Recommended by Professor Rüdiger Frank of Berlin for the study of divided nations: see http://www.andiskaulins.com/publications/dividednations/dividednations.htm

Loeber, Dietrich Andre and Kaulins, Andis (1976) Baltic Law and Culture in the Mirror of the Latvian Supreme Court Decisions 1918-1940, Conference Paper presented at the Fifth Conference on Baltic Studies, Columbia University. See Abstract.

My Comments

Together with a team of presently two other authors, including chief editor Ludwig Merz, I co-author the world’s leading Langenscheidt/Routledge German-English, English-German Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance, currently in its 4th print edition. Among other things I cover the areas of law, patents (and intellectual property generally), information technology and the Internet, including new media and telecommunications, all of course primarily from a linguistic, dictionary-oriented, legal, legislative and regulatory point of view -- with a special focus on the European Union.

I have also written and published a number of books and articles focusing on the history of civilization. This field of inquiry developed out of various legal projects involving legal history, in the course of which strong conflicts in analysis surfaced, suggesting that much historical research was badly flawed.

My historical interest began when Professor Herbert Packer at Stanford Law School, author of The Limits of the Criminal Sanction, a book published by the Stanford University Press, hired me as his assistant during my law student days to organize some original papers of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, including some papers of the late Judge Learned Hand.

That work, after Professor Packer’s untimely passing, led to my collaboration and friendship with my subsequent Stanford mentor, Professor John Kaplan, author of several books which I had the pleasure to edit as a law student, including what became a leading college textbook on Criminal Justice (see a review here) as well as Marijuana: The New Prohibition (see the review here), which anticipated current developments in drug policy 45 years ago.

John’s major contribution to my own intellectual development was his great skepticism of the rationality of mainstream fact-finding and decision-making.

John was of the opinion that many people in positions of responsibility do not do their homework thoroughly or objectively enough and that many of the facts upon which society based its decisions were poorly researched. Hence, the decisions based on such faulty research were often falsely based. Things were not as they seemed.

Note that this is not just an ivory-tower "theoretical" problem. Just think of "weapons of mass destruction" and modern wars started on bad facts and reliance on faulty research by people in the highest political positions.

John urged to ALWAYS go back to original sources first and never make important decisions or conclusions drawn on second-hand knowledge, research or information. He said this applied not only to the law but to all areas of life.

Since those early days I have learned to greatly distrust mainstream conclusions, especially in the “soft sciences”, i.e. the humanities, where unfounded theories often run rampant and where probative evidence is often secondary to academic politics and other non-scholarly motivations.

Indeed, many academics fail badly at research. See Research Skills are not everything – but close: Research Skills in Academia FAIL according to Berkeley study referred to at http://lawpundit.wordpress.com/2004/01/26/research-skills-are-not-everything-but-close-research-skills-in-academia-fail-according-to-berkeley-study/.

One of America’s greatest contributions to the rule of law was the modern adoption of the "best evidence" rule. In ancient times, people could be sent to the gallows on hearsay evidence and on the authority of the accuser, which led to great injustice. Today, the burden of proof is stricter. We go to the best ORIGINAL source. We check and recheck. We ask: "What is really true?"

Many of the humanities, unlike the physical sciences, do not have to prove that their theoretical "motors" actually run. This is also a problem with legal theories – e.g. drug abuse laws. It is often sufficient if enough prominent names claim that the theories "run", even if they actually do not work.

In the political sphere, we need only to refer to the ill-fated doctrines of Marx and Engels as one example of theoretical blindness to the actual evidence.

Another example is found in Archaeology in the 40-year mainstream academic resistance to the decipherment of the Maya hieroglyphs by Juri Knorosow.

The great number of backward laggards in academia is not really a surprise. Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn treat false "science" paradigms at length.

A sober assessment of historical research shows that much of what is written by mainstream scholars about human history is based on myth, unfounded opinion and just plain hearsay.

When we look at the testimony of man’s history through the piercing eyes of a cross-examining lawyer, much accepted dogma needs revision. We are still chained by the superstitions and taboos of the witchdoctors of yesteryear.

Take a look at my book, Stars Stones and Scholars and many of my blog postings, which point to hundreds of examples of evidentiary error in the study of the history of civilization. Tragically, many of these historical errors are exerting a substantial, negative impact on our modern world.

Online, I am the founder of the Flickr groups, Archaeology Travel Photos, which in February 2016 had over 2300 members, who had posted nearly 50000 photographs, and Megalithic Sites of the World, which in February 2016 had over 600 members, who had posted more than 6000 photographs.

Since about 1997, via my predecessor ACELIST ("Ancient Cultures Explored") I own and moderate the LexiLine Group on the History of Civilization, the largest of its kind on that subject on the Internet, which in February, 2016 had 569 members. I have published a prodigious amount of material to that group, especially in the LexiLine files. One has to join the group -- at no cost -- to view the files, but can leave the group at any time.

I maintain 4 websites (http://www.lawpundit.com, http://www.lexiline.com, http://www.megaliths.net, http://www.andiskaulins.com) and 100 blogs on all matter of subjects, via postings that serve primarily for my own use as online notetakers, and some of these postings are later published in book form.