"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
-- Proverbs 29:18, King James Bible (KJV)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Prehistoric Astronomy: A Heavenly Scene of a Man Woman & Child in a Prehistoric Eden on the Denisova Cave Hematite Stone

Analysis of ancient and especially prehistoric artifacts has occasionally led to sheer astonishment at the subject matter of the art scenes portrayed. Here we have one of the absolutely best examples of that unexpected "Eureka" effect.

In two previous postings titled

The Denisova Cave Hematite Stone: Side 1 and Side 2 Deciphered as Astronomy
The Denisova Cave Hematite Stone: Side 3 Deciphered as Astronomy

we deciphered the three sides of the Denisova Cave Hematite Stone as astronomy. So far so good. But we did not look beyond the "trees" of that decipherment at the total picture shown by the "forest" of that decipherment.

Indeed, we looked at the stone today and thought that the prominent lines on Side 3 could be viewed as the head and torso of a human figure. If so, was that figure part of a larger scene represented by all three sides of the stone?  a scene reminiscent of figures we have previously found at, e.g. Avebury....

We put all three sides of the Denisova Hematite Stone together in one picture, concluding that the prominent lines on the stone could mark a "scene" representing a man, a woman and a child, showing the group to be "humans".

Additionally, the man appears to be in an erect phallic stance, with the phallus at what could be interpreted to be the phallic stars of the stellar group known today as Hercules.

For the skeptics, we point out ... really, you can't make these things up: You can not just get prominent lines on artifacts to line up with known astronomical "entities".

Rather, this purported "scene" could be viewed as proof of the correctness of our general decipherment, by showing a phallic man similar to portrayals found in ancient Nordic rock art e.g. at Tanum.

We show the composite drawing of our interpretation of the Denisova Hematite Stone below, together with identification of the purported figures.

You be the judge.... Here is the composite picture of our two original drawings (please click on the graphic to see a larger version of the image):

Man, Woman and Child? We think so.

The phallic element demonstrates that prehistoric man understood the origin of children.

And as in the Garden of Eden mythology,
there is also a serpent ... at Heaven's Center.

Friday, January 11, 2019

The State of the World - Nicholas Kristof of the NYTimes Reports that Things are Better than Reported

Daily confrontation with negative political postings online gets to be rather tiresome, so we thought we would check out the actual state of our Planet Earth from a politically neutral perspective.

It is true of course that the world has many problems. Few deny that, least of all "progressive" writer Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, who tells us ... however ... and quite surprisingly,

pointing out that things are actually much better than the news media report.