Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Petroglyphs of Georgia and North Carolina Mark Stars of the Heavens

Ancient megalithic and petroglyphic sites having an astronomical character are often part of a system of sites.

When it became clear that Judaculla Rock was a sky map of the heavens, then it was likely that it too was part of some "system" of astronomical orientation in ancient days.

Accordingly, I examined the locations of neighboring petroglyphic sites and discovered that these locations were not randomly placed, but correspond to a system of land survey that used stars as the "technical" guide of orientation, i.e. the hermetic principle, "as above, so below". Astronomy was at the basis of ancient "track" systems of human geographic location and movement.

See the images below, which show that the petroglyphs of western North Carolina and northeastern Georgia are all part of the same system of astronomical survey.

These markers (or "tracks" in the Cherokee terminology), run from Canis Major on the left to Aquila on the right, which are the farthest extremities on either side of this section of sky at night. This section of the heavens was used greatly in ancient days. That is also approximately the left-to-right or right-to-left section of stars that fronts the Judaculla Rock.

Judaculla Rock Decipherment 1: The Far Upper Left Corner: The Stars of Scorpio and the Line (Colure) of the Equinoxes

Judaculla Rock Decipherment 1: The Upper Left Corner: The Stars of Scorpio

The stars of Scorpio are shown here in my clips from Starry Night Pro.

The Judaculla Rock image section together with the cup marks (cupules) is a clip from a drawing of a tracing at the "official" source for the Judaculla Rock --
the National Register of Historic Places - Registration Form, Supplementary Listing Record, NRIS Reference Number: 13000116, Judaculla Rock, Jackson County, North Carolina at

Update: Click on the image if it is too large for your screen. This should give you the whole image. If not, you can download it and work on it offline.

I myself have only drawn the colored circles (or sections thereof) which show that the cup marks (cupules) in one source (Judaculla Rock) are virtually identical in arrangement to the location of the stars in the other source (Starry Night Pro astronomy software). Otherwise, the drawings come from others -- so that I am not, nor can I, bend things to my liking. I must do with the drawings available.

I do not decide for the world whether this confluence of cupules and stars is true.
The world -- and that is YOU - YOU decide.
I am merely the medium putting these sources together.

I hope you enjoy all the coming postings. Here now are the stars of Scorpio. The same colored circles in one source in the image correspond to the same colored circles in the other source in the image. Cupules correspond to stars. In my opinion, there is absolutely no doubt about this whatsoever. and more images are coming.

The smaller star clipped insert from Starry Night Pro shows more stars in the heavens at that location to better show the correspondence between the stars and the cupules on the Judaculla Rock.

Note that the broad, nearly vertical line drawn at this position on Judaculla Rock thus corresponds to the line (colure) of the Equinoxes, with the Autumn Equinox at the top and the Vernal Equinox toward the bottom (at the meeting of lines) by which the date of the drawing of these cupules can be estimated to great accuracy, as I estimate, e.g., ca. 2470 B.C.

This means that the broad line that runs horizontally but somewhat angled across the Judaculla Rock from left to right (viz. right to left) marks the ecliptic and/or celestial equator, and that the second short vertical line to the right then is probably the Winter Solstice.

See if you can identify the remaining cupules yourself. It is hard work, but doable.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Judaculla Rock Decipherment: But First a Thanks to Starry Night Pro and Carl Sagan: "Somewhere, Something Incredible is Waiting to Be Known"

In the course of future postings, I will be publishing a decipherment of Judaculla Rock in a graphic form which permits no doubt that the cup marks (cupules) on Judaculla Rock, which number over a thousand by count of the archaeologists, represent stars of the heavens. My proof is so devastatingly clear for this number of cup marks that no "reasonable" observer can possibly doubt this interpretation.

Before I present the first proof, and my entire proof will progress over many postings over coming days, weeks and months, I wish to thank the makers of the astronomy program Starry Night Pro, brilliantly programmed software which allows the user to reproduce stellar (star) positions thousands of years back in time for any location on Earth.

This posting is not an ad. It is my sincere recognition of these people.

The Starry Night website front page currently looks like the image below, which I have clipped online for the record. I hope they do not mind. Thank you.

In the instant case, the incredible "somewhere, something" is not "out there",
but it is here, on our own Earth, albeit using the stars as our discovery guide.

Cherokee "Dividings", Judaculla Rock and the Great Google Earth Image Mystery: The Beginnings of Serious Research

What led to the Great Google Earth Image Mystery?

Steve Burdic asked me some weeks ago by email whether the petroglyphic Judaculla Rock in Jackson County, North Carolina (near Cherokee, Cullowhee and Sylva) could be ancient astronomy in some form.

Steve (LinkedIn, Facebook) is a University of Nebraska graduate (Beta Theta Pi), former Sustainability Coordinator at the University of Missouri, former President of the Missouri Farmers Union Credit Union, former Energy Conservation and Renewable Grant Manager, Technical Assistance Program-Household Hazardous Waste, Missouri State Parks Grant Manager, and currently Principal Investigator, Resource Management Consultants, Jamestown, Missouri.

In addition to those credits, Steve should also get credit for being the instigator of this specific research. He has long followed my work on the history of civilization at Lexiline and I am thankful that he turned to me with this question.

Science means asking questions. Too many people in the field of archaeology and related disciplines think they know all the answers and have stopped asking the right questions, with the result that their research is often far off the mark.

I have previously been to this geographic area of the U.S. Southeast, having relatives in East Tennessee, and so I have overnighted and dined in Helen, Georgia (alpine "Bavaria" in the USA) and lunched in Clayton, Georgia (the Cherokee "Dividings"). As written at the Wikipedia under Clayton, Georgia: "The area that would eventually become Clayton was called the Dividings because it sat at the intersection of three important Cherokee people trails."

Although I have already fully deciphered Judaculla Rock and surrounding petroglyphic sites, in the interest of interactive participation, I publish only a small decipherment area of Judaculla Rock in the next posting and will go from there to explain not only Judaculla Rock, but also major related petroglyphic sites in the region of Northeast Georgia and Western North Carolina.

For online photos of the Judaculla Rock and area see

The GPS coordinates for Judaculla Rock are 35.301233°N 83.110142°W, confirmed via Google Earth.

"Official" information and photographs -- I use these for analysis of the Judaculla Rock -- are found at the National Register of Historic Places - Registration Form, Supplementary Listing Record, NRIS Reference Number: 13000116, Judaculla Rock, Jackson County, North Carolina
which is the document NPS Form 10-900-a (Rev . 01/2009) OMB No. 1024-0018 (Expires 5/31/2012), U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places Continuation Sheet, Judaculla Rock, Jackson County, North Carolina. I will refer to this record -- NRIS Reference Number: 13000116 -- from time to time. It is most certainly a nice job of recordation, but for the most part, far off the mark in terms of  ultimate -- correct -- analysis.

I say that as a former employee of the Nebraska State Surveyor's Office,
who understands something about land, surveying, landmarks, etc.
There is much more here than meets the immediate eye. Stay tuned!

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Great Google Earth Image Mystery Can Begin for Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015: THE GPS of the Location

Here is the GPS for the mystery image:
34.890653 -83.880198.

Look around there and you will find the Track Rock Gap archaeological site.

What does it all mean?

Wait and see.

The Great Google Earth Image Mystery Can Begin for Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015: THE FOURTH and LAST HINT

The Great Google Earth Image Mystery for Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015, as we noted in our first posting, is "G-Rated", having begun with "Gitche Gumee", followed by GEORGIA and GAP, and now ends with a major clue to the meaning of the image, once you have found it, which is "GEMINI".

One now has all the information one needs, should your powers of research and analysis be up to the task, to become as famous as Shakespeare, as it were, though even the Bard may actually have been Marlowe, but, as Patton correctly noted in a "G-Rated" way, "GLORY" is fleeting, so be, rather than not be, it.

If one can not read the handwriting on the wall or other "limited strata", one can scarcely hope to SKYpe all the pretty rock art in North Carolina, now can one?

In case you can not put that all together, relax, be happy and take it easy, CULLO-whee and Juda-CULLA, and hold on to your wampum belt, for I am here -- none other has stepped forth -- and will GUIDE you in future postings as to the meaning of the "Great Google Earth Image Mystery" image.

Stay tuned, and keep abreast of the postings which shall follow.

The Great Google Earth Image Mystery Can Begin for Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015: THE THIRD HINT

The Great Google Earth Image Mystery for Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015 "rocks", and as we noted in our first posting, is "G-Rated", as the "G" in "gap".

That should bring you on the right "track".

The Great Google Earth Image Mystery Can Begin for Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015: THE SECOND HINT

The Great Google Earth Image Mystery for Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015, as we noted in our first posting, is "G-Rated", as the "G" in Georgia.

Danielle Allen to Replace Lawrence Lessig as Director of the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard

Danielle Allen will be the next Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard, replacing Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School and current Director of the Center.

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