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Friday, June 12, 2020

Microsoft and the Background Command to "Uninstall 20.052.0311.0011" What Is That? Was ist das?

We have Win Patrol installed on our system to make use of WinPatrol's "Scotty the Windows Watchdog", who watches over background system changes and alerts the user about them. Scotty just alerted us to a background command to "Uninstall 20.052.0311.0011", an uninstall which required our OK.

Since we had no idea what 20.052.0311.0011 was,
we researched a bit online before OK-ing the uninstall.

It appears from our research sojourn
that 20.052.0311.0011 is
a so-called enterprise deferred Microsoft OneDrive client installation
(there are apparently also other installation variants)
that can cause performance issues in Windows 10 networks
(since the last updates).

Let us know, if you are an expert on this matter, if we need to make corrections, additions or deletions in our text above regarding this topic. Thank you.

See in this regard:

Born's Tech and Windows World (in English language) -  OneDrive causes network performance issues


Hans Brender's Blog (in German language) - Office und OneDrive | Speichern und Teilen

Based on what we read there, we OK-ed the uninstall on our system,
but please note that we make no warranties or guarantees
about our analysis of the uninstall, since this is not our field of expertise.

Don't take our word for it.

At all times in digital matters,
we recommend to check, recheck, and check again.

Take care. Stay healthy!
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