"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
-- Proverbs 29:18, King James Bible (KJV)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Could Be Obama's U.S. Supreme Court Nominee in a Checkmate Move

Queen to ... "you name it". CHECK!

Politics is a bit like chess, even to a political centrist such as ourselves.

At CNBC's NBC News, Corky Siemaszko headlines that Scalia's replacement likely to be Loretta Lynch.

Loretta Lynch is the current U.S. Attorney General and a career prosecutor, so that if she turns out to be Obama's U.S. Supreme Court nomination to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, it will be difficult for conservatives to cast her as a liberal.

Moreover, in this Presidential election year such a nomination would probably be a brilliant political chess move.

Loretta Lynch, as a woman and black, would put conservative Republicans in dire straits in trying to oppose or delay her confirmation in any way, otherwise giving the Democratic Party Presidential candidate strong ammunition to take away many black and women's votes from the Republican Party candidate.

Besides, Lynch has already and recently endured a 166-day delay in being confirmed as the U.S. Attorney General. What more can Congress ask her?

Here is what Emily Bazelon at Vogue magazine wrote in Loretta Lynch’s Tenure as Attorney General Is off to a Dramatic Start:
"After President Obama selected her last November, she waited more than five months to be confirmed, longer than the seven previous nominees for the job combined. Lynch’s record was never the problem: At 56, she’d done two stints as U.S. attorney in Brooklyn for New York’s Eastern District, where she was well liked and oversaw major terrorism, Mafia, and public-corruption prosecutions. Republicans approved of the fact that she had no personal ties to the president—and yet Lynch found herself in Washington’s version of purgatory, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held up her nomination in an effort to wring concessions from Democrats on immigration and abortion."
There was no excuse for such a prolonged delay then, and even less now.

Are the conservatives now going to try to take on, e.g. the readers of Vogue magazine, i.e. "the woman's world", not even speaking about politics?

With Hillary Clinton as the likely Democratic Party Presidential candidate, a woman who also has much black support, it would not be very smart.

To put this all into a man's language. Checkmate.

Donald Trump Must Now Battle GOP Establishment Financial Giants to Win the Party Nomination

Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump has an easy path in front of him to obtain the Republican Party Presidential nomination should take a look at Kenneth P. Vogel's posting at Politico.com in Larry Ellison gives another $1 million to boost Marco Rubio.

The name of Larry Ellison is surely well known by most, but what about some of the other names mentioned in that article. Who are they?

Looking at those names, we can see that after Trump's strong victory in South Carolina, he will increasingly be battling some of the financial giants of the Grand Old Party (GOP) and the super PAC supporting Marco Rubio's presidential campaign, Conservative Solutions PAC at http://conservativesolutionspac.com/.

Here are some of those names:
  • Rich DeVos, born March 4, 1926, Amway founder - now Alticor, Orlando Magic owner, once among top 10 richest people in the USA, former GOP financial chairman, Grand Valley State donor)
  • Sheldon Gary Adelson, born August 4, 1933 (Las Vegas magnate, 18th richest person in the world)
  • The Koch brothers. Charles G. Koch November 1, 1935 (Koch Industries, 2nd largest U.S. conglomerate, 9th richest person in the world) and brother David Koch May 3, 1940 (tied at 9th richest person in the world with brother Charles)
  • Larry Ellison August 17, 1944 (head of Oracle, 3rd richest in US, 5th richest person worldwide)
  • Harlan Crow January 1, 1949 (father was biggest U.S. real estate landlord)
  • not a Rubio supporter is clearly
    Michael Bloomberg, born February 14, 1942 (8th wealthiest person in the world -- Bloomberg is not a Rubio supporter, rather Rubio is quoted as saying that Bloomberg is - "just a private citizen that owns a big company". Indeed, Bloomberg has been thought to be considering running for the Presidency himself)
Those are the realities. Money talks, any way you look at it, and regardless of your political persuasion, it will be interesting to see how all this develops.

How to Get Rich? 25 Top Hedge Fund Managers Earn More than Top 500 CEOs

Want to get rich? Are you in the right field and in the right position?

At Forbes, Robert Lenzner in a somewhat dated but surely still "current" article, writes that The Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers Earn More Than All the 500 Top CEOs Together.

And, we might add, those CEOs are already vastly overpaid.

Why does society permit these gross inequalities and what does it gain us?