"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
-- Proverbs 29:18, King James Bible (KJV)

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Donald Trump Supporters Refuse to be Told by GOP Functionaries Backing Other Candidates How They Should Vote in the Primary Elections

Trump supporters are angry at being told by GOP functionaries and/or moneyed interests how they should vote in the Presidential primary elections.

The New York Times has the story at Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Trump.

The establishment GOP seems to have totally miscalculated and misjudged the current political situation, acting like paternalists rather than savvy politicians who should know better.

The more that so-called party "elites" have challenged Trump for being an outsider, the stronger he has gotten to be. We posted about this development before at LawPundit. Just sayin'.

The self-thinking man on the street in America is not about to be told how to vote by a political Party machine, be that machine the Democrats or the Republicans.

That's democracy. That is the way it is supposed to be. The PEOPLE decide.

Many people seem to be fed up with the failures of the established parties.
Instead, they have chosen their "champion" in the person of Donald Trump.

To see why (or, depending on your political allegiance, why not),
see e.g. his Wichita Rally speech.

Frankly, none of the other candidates of either political party, except for Bernie Sanders, who has surprised us by the quality of his speeches, speaks that well.

We were impressed by Trump's take that much of what we call "politics" in this world is actually simply "business" among States or nations, and yet in the USA we permit that business to be conducted by "political" amateurs rather than by experienced deal-making professionals.

The USA has made many bad political and economic deals domestically and internationally because American politicians functioning as deal-makers were not up to the task. It was never their expertise. Quite the contrary.

An example here is Democratic Party Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who operated out of a private server in her home in the course of what might be called "kitchen diplomacy by a greenhorn" in the years that she held the position of Secretary of State of the USA.

We get the government we vote for.

Google Project Tango and Lenovo: 3D Tracking Navigation Gadget Perception & Mapping Will Revolutionize People's Use of Smartphones

A recent headline at The Verge pointed to a smartphone revolution:
Lenovo is making the first consumer phone with Google's Project Tango.

Those who think that the future of smartphones and privacy is being decided in the current Apple-FBI encryption controversy may be missing the real boat.

First of all, governments can not permit the existence of technology which hides evidence forever from law enforcement agencies when people's survival may depend on being able to obtain access to hidden information. We have no doubt that the controversy will be resolved in the interest of society generally.

Secondly, as far as the future of smartphones is concerned, Apple, Inc. has much more to be worried about in the coming advance of technologies such as Google's Project Tango, which will be released in a Lenovo smartphone this summer, implementing new 3D mapping technology for consumers that was already on display in Barcelona in February and which will revolutionize the way that people use smartphones to interact with their world.

See e.g. the YouTube video at

The Lenovo Project Tango page writes as follows at Coming Summer 2016! The World's First Project Tango-Powered Smartphone:
"Google's Project Tango and Lenovo are partnering to create the world's first smartphone powered by Project Tango technology. The device, which will allow users to experience the world in ways never before possible through a smartphone, will launch in Summer 2016. Watch this space for the latest from Mobile World Congress and beyond on new Project Tango experiences and details on the coming device!"
Project Tango involves the convergence of many new "locational", "navigational", "sonar" and "mapping" technologies -- also such as have just been introduced in consumer drone technology and about which we have been posting. We have not been writing about drones for nothing and perhaps there is more than a subtle connection to our publications about ancient mapping systems, e.g. Sky Earth Native America (see Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) and Stars Stones and Scholars.

It was Giordano Bruno who reportedly stated that "if the world has no beginning or end, then where are we?"

That concern for our location has been a guiding question of humanity from its very inception, and it guides the rationale for much of science and religion, which try to answer the question of "WHERE ARE WE?" Indeed, the common orientation of ancient and modern systems of mapping and navigation is the aim to "help everything and everyone understand where they are".

Project Tango as implemented in smartphones will lead to unprecedented new possibilities.

See the following YouTube videos: