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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Avebury Stone #9 Totally Deciphered : All Four Megalithic Surface Shapes In their Deciphered Stars Results in the Figure of a Bearded Man Wielding an Antler Tool

Some of the diverse talents of ancient man become visible when we examine collectively all four sides of Avebury Stone #9 in the heaven of stars at once.

What is the result? Note how the two broader faces and two narrower sides of the stone mark stars that are immediately adjacent to each other.

We were astonished to find that placing all four surface shapes together at the location of our decipherment of their applicable stars resulted in the image of a bearded man wielding an antler tool. This we did not expect. We were initially only trying to get a more comprehensive sky map representation.

Whether that artistic creation was intended by its makers to represent the craftsmen and workers who erected Avebury or whether a heavenly maker was viewed at this central location is surely a matter of personal preference....

Image 1 :
Placement of the Four Faces viz. Sides of Avebury Stone #9 in the Sky at Once (Each stone face viz. side is a different color to aid identification)

Image 2: Black/White Version as a Blending of the Above Image

Image 3: A Color Version of the  Bearded Man Wielding an Antler Tool with various Lines Connected in Order to Show the Image More Easily

Truly amazing.


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