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Friday, November 25, 2016

Avebury Stone #30 Total Decipherment of All Faces and Sides in the Corresponding Stars Simultaneously Forming a Ritual Family Scene with a Druid in Attendance

The image below is our "total" decipherment of Avebury Stone #30 which places the previously deciphered faces and sides of Avebury Stone #30 in the heavens at their decipherment-mandated corresponding stars. The combined result is a ritual scene (perhaps a funerary scene) with woman, child, man, and a figure we call "the Druid" (i.e. a wise man of old, a shaman, a Neolithic physician), together with the presumably memorial stone.

Total Decipherment of Avebury Stone #30 with the Faces and Sides Placed in the Corresponding Stars Forming a Ritual Scene with Druid
 (our graphic below is just a very rough sketch and will need future refining)

-- click the graphic below to obtain a larger image --

Although we generally have used a date of 2500 B.C. as the date of origin of the carved stones of Avebury Henge, in our software astronomy program Starry Night Pro 3.1, which is is our main tool for astronomical decipherment work, we here also tried a date of ca. 3100 B.C. because of the round "foot" of the lying figure which would then possibly be pointing to the Autumn Equinox in that era.

The actual date of origin could be, but does not have to be that date.

To our initial surprise, there is some overlap of the carved sides and not all elements of the henge outward face appear to be essential for the scene, except e.g. to add a shoulder to the man lying at the bottom, but the general nature of the scene formed by combining the 2 faces and 2 narrower sides of Avebury Stone #30 is clear.

UPDATE: We now see that in fact some of the lines of the henge outward face added to the overlapping parts of the stones could create a larger "sitting" man being attended to on his leg by the Druid, that sitting man with his head looking right just under the heads of the woman and child.


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