"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
-- Proverbs 29:18, King James Bible (KJV)

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Individually and Collectively Surviving the Corona Virus Crisis

How do we individually and collectively survive the corona virus crisis?

To start, it is essential to keep the faith ... in humanity and in ourselves!

Humankind is a very resilient species.

Over many thousands of years of recorded history and surely for perhaps hundreds of thousands if not millions of years before that, our primate and human ancestors, male and female, have been facing and ultimately dealing successfully with all kinds of untold dangers, natural disasters, predators, calamities, wars, health plagues, economic and food uncertainties and physical and mental challenges of every kind and description.

How have we -- humankind -- done it?

In our present situation, when physical, bodily "social distancing" is being required for health safety reasons, it is however rather our tried and true close human "cooperation" on a massive local, regional, national, and even international, i.e. worldwide scale, that has led us in the past and will lead us now out of the apocalypse.

That long-term but undoubtedly successful total human community response will necessarily take time, but it will happen, and is happening, as sheer "necessity", an incredibly powerful, unrelenting, and unavoidable force, demands it, and as mankind's peoples, leaders and institutions rise to the occasion, as they must, for there is no other choice other than to prevail.

There is a saying that mankind  moves only when it must, and right now, it must.

On a personal scale, each of us has to do what we can, each in our own little world, to help the larger world as a whole to conquer the dangers we face with the least possible damage to all.

For many of us, just staying at home and out of trouble is already a valiant contribution to the total effort.

Don't drop the ball in this regard. Your environment will not forgive you if you are self-centerdly selfish in a crisis. Fulfill your responsibilities, to yourself and to others.

As for financial problems, there is no need to panic. If you can pay your bills, pay them. If you can not pay your bills, well, then you can't. The world will not end as a result. You will have to be patient and it may not be easy. Don't give up. Keep trying to keep things going as well as possible. You are not alone. Many are in the same boat. Community help may be required.

Upcoming will be special money and credit solutions, payment moratoriums and the like -- because such emergency solutions viz. emergency money and cash measures are inescapable. The economy depends on people having money, so it will have to be provided -- one way or another -- at best, directly, and hopefully swiftly. Who owes what to whom can then be sorted out when the corona virus storm has passed.

Fear not!
for fear is not an option,
at least not for most of humanity.

The "fight or flee" instinct is a long-inbred characteristic of humans, and in the present case, we must fight rather than flee, since there is no safe haven to run to, except the temporary protection of isolation and quarantine. We can not run away from reality. It has to be faced. The game must go on.

Each of us thus has to do what we can, within our individual means and powers and within our collective, community possibilities and responsibilities.

Then our ultimate winning of the fight as humankind as a whole is assured.

There will unfortunately be individual losses and losers in this battle, but there always are. Minimize such losses.

For your own part, hang in there and prevail!

Be one of the survivors
-- who will be in the vast majority!