"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
-- Proverbs 29:18, King James Bible (KJV)

Saturday, May 05, 2018

The Controversial Undefeated UCF Knights 2017 Championship Season

Nice article about UCF and the 2017 college football FBS championship controversy. Please note that the college playoff winner is NOT the official NCAA Division I FBS champion. There is no such trophy. There is only a playoff winner. It is the only championship in NCAA athletics without an official championship.

See McKewon: UCF's national championship claim continues to bother coaches — even Scott Frost | Football | omaha.com.

We agree with McKewon.

Plus, the whole idea of playoffs is to eliminate this kind of controversy. The playoffs failed. Four teams is too few. You can not leave out an FBS undefeated team. You can not leave out the best team in the Big Ten, or, for that matter, the Pac 12. At large openings are required for teams like Alabama, who did not even win their conference division, and lost to the team that UCF beat. It is high time for the college football bigwigs to finally get this right. Eight playoff teams is the minimum, and sixteen would be better. Just look at basketball and March Madness. Season records show us the course of a season, but teams improve, or get worse, in the course of that season. Playoffs find out who is the best at the END of the season, and that is the only way it should be, allowing for the improvement of athletes and teams over the course of their playing year.