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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The New DJI Phantom 4 with Tap Fly and Active Track at the DJI Website Including Videos

See the new DJI Phantom 4 with Tap Fly and Active Track at the DJI website including videos at

First Drone Ever To Be Featured in Apple Stores: New DJI Phantom 4 "Selfie" Drone "Follows" Persons or Things Based Solely On Appearance and Navigates Around Obstacles

Consumer drone technology continues to make the headlines.

The "follow (me)" feature of commercial consumer drones is one of the most unique aspects of drone technology and developing fast.

According to Matt McFarland at the Washington Post in Drones are now smart enough to follow our every footstep, the new DJI Phantom 4 (DJI is the market leader) now has a thus far unique feature in that it can be programmed viz. set, as McFarland notes: "[to] identify and track a specific person or thing based solely on appearance", i.e. without that thing or person having to carry some kind of transmitter to which a drone responds.

This opens up a vast array of possibilities, and permits video selfies in which the drone follows a person involved in a given action, e.g. a sport, whether by land, sea or air, or a simple hike or bike ride, etc.

Ben Popper headlines his article at The Verge as: DJI's revolutionary Phantom 4 drone can dodge obstacles and track humans. Popper writes that the new technology has become so interesting for normal consumers that:

"Starting March 1st the Phantom 4 will be available for purchase on DJI.com and Apple.com. On March 15th it will be available in-store at DJI’s flagship store in Shenzen, and as the first drone prominently featured in Apple Stores around the world."