Saturday, March 01, 2014

GEMA and the U.S. President: Not Even the White House is Immune from Absurd Video Blockage based on Greedy and Specious Intellectual Property Law Grounds

Here is another flagrant example of the greedy, absurd and INFORMATION-CHILLING consequences of outdated and ill-advised rights protection in intellectual property law.

It is an image clip from the U.S. President's White House page at Student Film Festival Selections, a page when viewed in Germany which informs us that we are not allowed to see video material from the President of the United States because it "may" contain music that GEMA has not yet licensed in Germany.

Talk about indirect and flagrantly chilling censorship.

We have added the comment in red below, right above the GEMA message that we got on the Internet in Germany trying to view this page and video.

Amazon Prime Tries Killing the Golden Goose with Forced, Unwanted and Unprecedented Price Hike

How do we put the clamps on human greed?
Frankly, we do not know. 

Read This is Money at:

Amazon Prime customers angered at unwanted upgrade as internet giant hikes cost of subscription by £30 a year.

We got the same rate increase message here in Germany in German and would like to tell the people at Amazon point blank that we will never support this kind of rip-off "doing business" and we are going to be taking our online business elsewhere.

Greed kills, and absolute greed kills absolutely.

We have no use for streaming and most certainly not at the forced point of a gun, and have cancelled our Amazon Prime account to the end of our prepaid period, which users can do under "help" at their Amazon user accounts.

Online shopping portals, are you listening?

This is a "prime" opportunity for online shopping competition to take advantage of this kind of shameful business gouging practice.

U.S. President and Vice President Show Their Moves: Mentoring and Leadership by Example

The first rule of leadership and mentoring is to lead by example,

"if you can".

Lack of physical movement invariably leads to circulatory illnesses.

The same is true for the USA as a nation.
Inertia -- i.e. a lack of movement as a nation -- is similarly harmful.

See at the White House:

The First Lady Delivered:
Watch the President and Vice President Show Us How They Move

Especially members of "affluent" America might profit from realizing
  • that "sitting on your wealth" is just as bad for the health of the country
  • as "sitting on your assets" is bad for one's physical well-being.
It is not without reason that Shakespeare at a "banquet" wrote:
And you all know,
Security is mortals' chiefest enemy.
- Hecate, Act III Scene V of Macbeth,
  by William Shakespeare

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