Friday, February 28, 2014

Middle Class In the USA is Disappearing

Nelson D. Schwartz has the story at

The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World.

The increasing break-up of U.S. society into "affluent" haves and "struggling" have nots is one of most troublesome developments in the world, because it also entails a political shift largely contrary to the ideals for which America was founded.

Hat tip to CaryGEE.

Scientists Say, The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded: Do NOT Listen to it While Driving!

Something for stressed professionals?
An 8-minute sound relaxer par excellence?

We were curious about this and so listened to the whole thing.

According to Scientists, This is The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded

We are as yet not fully convinced of its super-relaxing properties,
but it is recommended not to listen to it while driving!

Animal Law: Elephants Are Smart, Yes, But Most Pet Owners Aready Know About Animal Intelligence

Scientific American tells us that
Elephants Are Even Smarter Than We Realized.

Speak for yourself  ... "we".

Almost any pet owner can tell you that animals have not only brains, but also thoughts and emotions viz. "feelings", so "why not" elephants too.

Our male cat does several "flips" nearly every morning, but usually only if asked, while our female cat has learned a good cat version -- in spite of a cat's vocal limitations -- of the two-syllable word "hello", which she always renders in "two" syllables of sorts, with the correct intonation.

We are reminded of the regrettable U.S. Supreme Court decision in United States v. Stevens, 559 U.S. 460, 130 S.Ct. 1577 (2010), where we agree with Justice Alito in dissent that Constitutional free speech rights were not intended to extend to the abuse of animals [or humans for that matter] in any form.

Anyone's rights should end where another man's NOSE begins.
It should make no difference whether that NOSE belongs to a man or animal.
The principle is the same.

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