Friday, January 31, 2014

Financial Investment via Social Trading: What's Up?

Social trading allows traders to trade financial investments online with the help of others. Wikipedia. We really do not know a lot about it, so we looked at this posting about eToro, a well-known online social trading platform:

Is eToro a Scam or Not?

We find the concept interesting, surely in the trend of the times and perhaps fun if one sticks to small amounts of cash, but please note that we have never used the platform and are not members of eToro nor do we recommend or not recommend it at the time of this posting. We are merely serving our information purpose. Perhaps we will try it one day, who knows.

But we do not want anyone to blame us if they try something like this and lose their shirt, so here is the boilerplate we have in our "Legal Notices":
"Nothing published at LawPundit™ should be construed as investment advice or as a solicitation to buy or sell any kind of financial instruments.
Caveat emptor (buyer beware).
The ability to exercise personal responsibility for one’s own actions and choices is a kind of immense private wealth.
Take it seriously but enjoy it for what it represents.
LawPundit™ expressly disclaims any liability for the consequences of links to third party websites."

The Privacy Implications of Robots: Anthropomorphic Design Featured in Stanford Magazine, January/February 2014 Issue

"Anthropomorphic Design" as a term of art has been popping up in leading places for quite some time.

When we saw that it was being featured in the special 2014 "robots" issue of Stanford Magazine, we decided to do a blog about it as a coming trend that is marked by a highly distinct present and a very rich past.

The Stanford Magazine article is writen by Ryan Calo who touches upon the legal question of the invasion of privacy by robots. He says the prospect of drone surveillance in the future is a problem that people really "get".

See the new Anthropomorphic Design blog.

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