Monday, January 13, 2014

Paul Krugman Hammers Europe Again in "Success, European Style": But What Should Be Our Realistic Economic Expectations about National Economies?

Because of its austerity policies, Paul Krugman keeps hammering at Europe, this time in Success, European Style. Some critique is surely justified, some not.

We have some connections in Ireland, but not enough to judge the economy of the country as a whole. As everywhere, you have plusses and minuses.

Sometimes I wish Krugman would resurrect discussion of the economic doctrine of "comparative advantage" in comparing the sometimes non-comparable apples and oranges of the national economies.

Indeed, seen fairly and impartially, what should be our realistic expectations concerning the various economies of the world, given their natural and human resources and economic, social, political and legal structures?

MS-DOS Prompt or Windows Command Line Access in all Windows Versions

Occasionally, we need to get into the nuts and bolts of our computers behind the scenes and have found this to be a useful page at Computer Hope:

How to get to a MS-DOS prompt or Windows command line
in all versions of Microsoft operating systems.

Warning! Caveat Emptor:
If you do not know how to use these functions, do not use them!
Otherwise, you can really mess up your computer.
Even if you know what you are doing, exercise care.
It is best to leave it to the professionals or to savvy amateurs viz. geeks.

Brian Leiter on the First 150 Years of American Legal Education: Christopher Columbus Langdell and Scientific Wissenschaft, Legal Realism, and Judge Richard Posner's Economic Flavor of That

Brian Leiter discusses the evolution of American Legal Education: The First 150 Years, from Langdellian scientific "Wissenschaft" to American Legal Realism and Judge Richard Posner's modernized economic flavor of that realism.

Leiter's short article is definitely worth a read.

It would be welcome, of course, if American legislators, both Federal and State, would take a look at Posner's approach to law and apply it to American legislation, which is still steeped too much in theoretical and unproven moral abstractions and not enough in realistic solutions backed up by probative empirical evidence.

The way to improve law is to get away from theoretical legal motors that do not run in the real world and to turn to practical motors that do run.

2014 Labor and Employment Law Legislative Developments

Lawyers from Schiff Hardin LLP have the story
at The National Law Review in
2014 Legislative Developments Re: Labor and Employment Law.

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