Saturday, December 21, 2013

Giving the Apple Firm Credit Where Due For Seeing the Future Earlier Than Others via the iPhone

The Atlantic has a story on The Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on Android, discussing the fact that the iPhone realized some technical possibilities which others had ignored or not thought to be sellable to consumers and thus sped up technological change in the handheld sector.

Starting with his days as an employee of Atari, where Steve Jobs saw many new state-of-the-art technical and software developments that he later had applied to Apple products, such as the Bounce-Back paddle of Pong, Jobs, who himself of course never "invented" any of these technical or software things, was a master at recognizing what the new technologies enabled (e.g. larger, thinner screens for handhelds) and pasting them sensibly into consumer products (e.g. capacitative touch, which had been around for quite some time previously) which he then marketed in an inexcusably monopolistic and price-gouging manner, for which reason we can never be pro-Jobs, who the Apple firm today continues to emulate in its odious patent-trolling way.

The actual technology and software programming preceded Jobs and would have taken its course anyway, but Jobs certainly accelerated the process through his futuristic acumen, which some call genius, but which we view more as a unique talent to see where technological advances were going and then jumping to the front of that advancing train.

Hat tip to CaryGee.

Music Industry Licensing Greed May Open Pandora's Box of Troubles

The Verge reports in Pandora music streaming rights threatened by court ruling.

Another Take On the Alleged Future Wine Shortage Suggesting That Harvest Yields Have Picked Up Again

Is there a coming wine shortage or not, that is the question. See BBC News at The wine drought that never was for a take that wine production is picking up again.

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