Wednesday, December 04, 2013

U.S. Congress Readying Legislation to Restrict Abusive Patent Suits - Congressional Senators and House of Representatives Members are 10 Years Behind the Times on Intellectual Property Issues

An editorial by The New York Times Editorial Board reports that
Congress Takes on Abusive Patent Suits.

Gee, you mean that a scattered few Congressmen are actually thinking about doing their legislative jobs in Washington D.C.?

i.e. doing those jobs....
  • rather than blocking government....
  • rather than trashing existing legislation....
  • rather than spending their time on selfish political campaigning....
  • rather than earning extra pocket money in their home States by moonlighting on government time in their personal professions....
  • rather than appearing on Jay Leno and uttering nonsensical garble....

    .... as opposed to the alternative of working for the good of America.
Well, you have to start somewhere....
and "the patent problem" has been around for years....

Congratulations to some legislators in Congress for finally taking notice!

How slow are the elected political representatives in Congress?

SNAIL slow. They are YEARS behind the times. YEARS. A decade at least.

Take a look at some LawPundit patent postings about "the patent problem", some of which go go back ca. 10 years....

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April 15, 2013 - LawPundit, Patenting Human Genes: Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics: U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument Indicates Natural Genes Will be Found Unpatentable as a Matter of Composition but Genes Worked by Human Ingenuity May Be Patentable as to Use

June 13, 2013 - LawPundit, Human Genes Are Not Patentable: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Unanimously

Week 15 2013 College Football FBS Game Predictions by SportPundit

Week 15 2013 College Football FBS Game Predictions by SportPundit

UPDATE: We have for the second time updated the location of the December 7 Texas at Baylor game. We were previously misinformed about the location of this game. The game is to be played at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco, which changes our prediction by a few points, but we remain on the same side of the spread. This is the last Baylor football game to be played at Floyd Casey Stadium, which will be replaced by a new "Baylor Stadium" for the 2014 season.

Our stats for the season after Week 14 are now 617-179 (77.5%) in calling the winner and 384-316-11 (54.9%) against the spread.

Below are our College Football Predictions for Week 15, 2013 relying on YPPSYS, our Yards Per Play System and our FBS Ratings and Rankings of all 125 Teams after Week 14 of the 2013 Season.

What makes a good prognosticator? Confidence and/or Accuracy?
And how about keeping all those conference changes straight?

Caveat emptor (Buyer beware): We make this material available in good fun out of interest for the sport of college football. Please do not rely on our material to place bets or wagers of any kind. No one knows the exact outcome of a game or a season before it is played and that is what makes it so interesting. We disclaim any and all liability for the consequences of anyone relying in any way upon our postings, analysis, links or reasoning - for which we make no warranty of accuracy. May the best team win.

YPPSYS means "yards per play system", as that is our main ranking component, based primarily on stats at, but we also use schedule difficulty and conference rankings as based on calculations e.g. at Massey Ratings, although our own system of schedule difficulty prevails.

At YPPSYS, we regard a difference of one rating point to be worth about 7 points on the scoreboard, a calculation, of course, that is not absolute, given home field advantages, etc.

In past weeks we have calculated the home field advantage at an average of about 3 points, but we now also sometimes use Kambour stats.

The betting lines ("odds", "point spread", or "spread") for Week 15 used here were taken from the opening lines at Oddsshark as of Sunday, December 1, 2013. If odds were not yet available, these were entered initially as "??" and are added later, when available. Note that the lines can and often do change over time, but our predictions do not reflect later changes once we have posted odds here as the basis for comparing our own selections.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Louisville at Cincinnati
The Cardinals are favored over the Bearcats by 6.5 points.
Our call: 27-21 for Louisville. Our stats rate the Cardinals at 1.0 and Cincinnati at 2.2 rating points. At 7 scoreboard points per rating point, that makes Louisville 7 x 1.2 = 8.4 points better, minus the home field advantage, which we normally calculate at ca. 3 points, but Kambour makes the Cincinnati home field advantage worth 8.0428 points. If that were correct, this game would be close. Both teams rank in the Top 10 nationally in total defense (see The Bearcats have won their last six games. Louisville has won their last four games after their only loss of the year, a 38-35 defeat at the hands of UCF. Each team recently beat Houston by 7 points. Last season Louisville at home beat Cincinnati 34-31 in overtime.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bowling Green at Northern Illinois
Marathon MAC Football Championship
(at Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan)
The Huskies are favored over the Falcons by 3 points.
Our call: 34-30 for Northern Illinois. Our stats rate Northern Illinois at 1.8 and Bowling Green at 2.2 rating points, so that 0.4 x 7 = 2.8 scoreboard points, i.e. identical to the opening line of 3 points. Northern Illinois is undefeated this year at 12-0 while Bowling Green lost to Indiana, Mississippi State and Toledo. Northern Illinois not only beat Toledo but had two wins against Big Ten teams (Iowa and Purdue). The Huskies nearly lost to FCS Eastern Illinois, which otherwise went undefeated in the regular season, also beating FBS San Diego State 40-19.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State
The Cowboys are favored over the Sooners by 10.5 points.
Our call: 35-21 for Oklahoma State. Our stats rate Oklahoma State at +0.0 and Oklahoma at -1.5 rating points, so that 1.5 x 7 = 10.5 scoreboard points, which is identical to the opening line. Our standard home field advantage, in addition, is ca. 3 points. Kambour calculates the Boone Pickens Stadium Lewis Field home field advantage in Stillwater, Oklahoma, as 8.5216 points. 

UCF (Central Florida) at SMU (Southern Methodist)
The Knights  are favored over the Mustangs  by 10 points.
Our call: 35-24 for UCF.  Our stats rate the Knights at -1.0 and SMU at -3.0 rating points, so that 2.0 x 7 = 14.0 scoreboard points, minus the Mustang home field advantage, which we normally calculate as 3 points on average for all teams, but which Kambour specifically calculates as 5.2747 points.
Memphis at Connecticut
The Tigers are favored over the Huskies by 1.5 points.
Our call: 28-24 for Connecticut. For the entire season, our stats rate the Tigers at -3.8 and the Huskies at -4.6 rating points, so that 0.8 x 7 = 5.6 scoreboard points, minus the Connecticut home field advantage which we take as 3 points, whereas Kambour has 4.6456. UConn lost their first 9 games and have won their last 2. The team is headed by interim head coach T.J. Weist, who seems to be making a difference in compiling a 2-5 record since taking over the helm after the team opened 0-4 this season.

Texas at Baylor [updated 4 December and prognostication changed, since the game is being played at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco, US]
The Bears are favored over the Longhorns by 13 points.
Our call (updated due to correction of the location of the game): 41-31 for Baylor. Our stats rate the Bears at -0.6 and the Longhorns at -1.5 rating points, so that 0.9 x 7 = 6.3 scoreboard points, plus the home field advantage makes 9-10 points. We have for the second time updated the location of the December 7 Texas at Baylor game. We were previously misinformed about the location of this game. The game is to be played at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco, which changes our prediction by a few points, but we remain on the same side of the spread. This is the last Baylor football game to be played at Floyd Casey Stadium, which will be replaced by a new "Baylor Stadium" for the 2014 season.

Missouri at Auburn
SEC Football Championship Game
(in the Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia)
The Tigers of Auburn are favored over the Tigers of Missouri by 2 points.
Our call: 30-27 for Auburn. Our stats rate both of these teams at +0.4. The miraculous Auburn win over a threepeat-seeking Alabama makes Gus Malzahn's squad look like the apparent team of destiny for now.

South Florida at Rutgers
The Scarlet Knights are favored over the Bulls by 7 points.
Our call: 24-21 for Rutgers. Our stats rate the Scarlet Knights at -3.5 and the Bulls at -4.3 rating points, so that 0.8 x 7 = 5.6 scoreboard points, plus the Rutgers home field advantage. We calculate that at 3 points but Kambour's calculation is a MINUS 7.2504 points. The Scarlet Knights have lost their last 5 of 6 games while South Florida is on a 5-game skid. The Bulls are hampered by a disastrously weak offense.

Stanford at Arizona State
Pac-12 Football Championship Game
(at Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Arizona)
The Sun Devils are favored over the Cardinal by 3 points.
Our call: 30-27 for Stanford.  Our stats rate Stanford at +0.4 and the Sun Devils at +0.0 rating points, so that 0.4 x 7 = 2.8 scoreboard points, minus the Arizona State home field advantage, which we normally calculate as 3 points, but which Kambour calculates as 14.1096 points. Stanford beat Arizona State early in the season 42-28 in a game in which the Cardinal led 39-7 after 3 quarters. No team has scored more points against the Cardinal this year, although Washington also put up 28 in losing 31-28. The Sun Devils barely beat a similarly physically strong Utah team 20-19.
Louisiana Lafayette (ULL, LA Lafayette) at South Alabama
The Jaguars are favored over the Ragin' Cajuns by 3 points.
Our call: 31-27 for Louisiana Lafayette. Our stats rate LA Lafayette at -3.0 and the Jaguars at -4.0 rating points, so that 1.0 x 7 = 7.0 scoreboard points, minus the South Alabama home field advantage. In spite of being upset last week by Louisiana Monroe, the Ragin' Cajuns remained on top of the Sun Belt Conference standings because 2nd place Arkansas State lost to Western Kentucky.

Duke at Florida State
Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship Game
(Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina)
The Seminoles are favored over the Blue Devils by 27.5 points.
Our call: 45-17 for Florida State. Our stats rate Florida State at +1.7 and Duke at -2.3 rating points, so that 4.0 x 7 = 28.0 scoreboard points.

Ohio State at Michigan State
Big Ten Championship Game
(at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana)
The Buckeyes are favored over the Spartans by 6.5 points.
Our call: 24-23 for Ohio State. Our stats rate Ohio State at +0.4 and Michigan State at +0.3 rating points, so that 0.1 x 7 = 0.7 scoreboard points.

Utah State at Fresno State
Mountain West Championship Game
(at Bulldog Stadium, California State University at Fresno -- i.e. Fresno State)
The Bulldogs are favored over the Aggies by 6 points.
Our call: 31-30 for Utah State. Our stats rate Fresno State at -1.8 and Utah State at -2.1 rating points, so that 0.3 x 7 = 2.1 scoreboard points, plus the Fresno State home field advantage, calculated by Kambour as 4.1848 points. Utah State has won 5 in a row while Fresno State was upset by San Jose State last week, losing its undefeated season.

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