Friday, November 22, 2013

Stop Calling Tea Party Radicals "Conservatives": Christie, a True Conservative, Strikes Fear in the Hearts of the Extremists in the Tea Party

The New York Times has a misleadingly titled Conservative Republicans Recoil at the Notion That Christie Is the Party’s Savior.

It is time that the New York Times and other mainstream outlets stop referring to the political extremists in the Tea Party and other similar fringe groups as "conservatives".

True conservatives are people who have a set of responsible values, who live by those values, with respect to both themselves and to others, who stand behind the principles for which the United States was founded, who believe that governments should be properly funded by taxes and that federal and local government debts should be paid, who believe that good government is constructive government and not adolescent anti-government obstructionism, and who are convinced that being an American means to work for the benefit of all Americans in a great country, rather than to bow to a radical, privileged few in some lush corner of one of the grand 50 States of the Union.

Indeed, after helping to shut down federal government in Washington D.C. one Congressman brazenly returned to the privileged protection of his greatly federally subsidized home State to announce that he was happy to be "back in America", as if the rest of the country were his enemy. Such a person is hardly a true American. Such a person has nothing to do with political conservatism. Quite the contrary, in Russia, such people were called anarchist nihilists. In America, these same people are shamelessly pandering to the visible selfish weaknesses of their constituents for the sake of their own power gain.

Few Tea Party members that we have seen share any of the qualities that historically have marked true American conservatism. Conservatism means "adulthood", "prudence through experience", "thoughtful carefulness rather than rash decision-making", etc. By contrast, the government obstructionists are non-democratically-oriented wild-eyed radicals bent on destroying the fabric of the nation solely for the benefit of their faction of radicalized extremist constituents. There is little difference between a Tea Party "town hall" and a Communist "soviet". The members may be different. The organization is the same.

We found, subsequent to writing the above, that David Jenkins had already written previously, and correctly so, on this topic at The Media Should Stop Calling Tea Party Radicals "Conservative".

It is recommended to read that article by David Jenkins to see quickly that Christie represents true conservatism, which is a sensible political option rightly supported by many throughout the history of the United States.

True Conservatism has nothing to do with the wacko birds in the Tea Party or the anarchist nihilists who support them, either with their votes, money or other methods.

We would probably support Christie in the next Presidential election, regardless of the Democratic candidate, and frankly, he would likely win the Presidency, because he would be acceptable to true conservatives.

The Tea Party radicals will remain a problem for quite some time because they represent a minority in America that represents everything that is wrong about America. Do not call them political conservatives. They are conserving nothing other than their own privileged positions, and that is a different matter.

Senate Limits Filibuster Use to Stop Extremists From Obstructing Legitimate Government by the Majority: Congress Finally Starting to Do its Job !!

Get the story at the New York Times in In Landmark Vote, Senate Limits Use of the Filibuster.

The media are full of opinions about this -- in our opinion -- absolutely necessary limitation of the filibuster, whose use has been unprecedentedly and uncompromisingly abused by the Republicans during the Obama Administration, and these obstructionists are now finally getting what they deserve -- absolute contempt.

We say this as political centrists, middle-of-the-roaders, viz. swing voters, those who decide elections. When our opinions are ignored and our principles are run roughshod, those politicians ALWAYS lose in the long run. ALWAYS.

In our opinion, filibusters should NEVER be permitted, regardless of their crowd appeal, because they represent the tyranny of the minority over the majority, which is undemocratic. Democracy means that majority rules, not vice versa.

The job of Congress is to govern and there are elections that rightfully determine who the majorities and minorities are.

Government should not be obstructed by extremists extortioning from the floor of Congress.

In particular, Presidential nominations should not be subject to sabotage by minorities. We do not care which political party this involves.

People in Congress. Your job is legislation! DO YOUR JOB. FINALLY!

Where are are all those job creation bills ??????

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