Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Future of World Food Supply: An Alarming Forthcoming Study Leaked

Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies is the topic of an ongoing study whose results have been leaked to the press, here at the New York Times.

See our next posting.

Russia Transforming Consumer Experience via New Attitudes and Training in Customer Service

Andrew E. Kramer reports at the New York Times on "consumer experience transformation" in Russia at
Russian Service, and With Please and Thank You.

States Legislating Privacy Laws Where Congress Failing

The U.S. Congress these days is a failing institution, not doing what it is supposed to be doing but rather spending its time with pointless obstructionism, filibustering, and political infighting.

Worse, "the name of the game in Washington D.C. is the campaign", as getting elected or reelected and bowing to political party dogmas and tinpot tyrants have gained the upper hand over representatives legislating instead for the good of the American people, which is their job. Small wonder then that No U.S. Action, So States Move on Privacy Law.

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