Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Populist Rise in America and Europe Creates Serious Political Problems and Endangers Stability

Populism is a term that loosely defines any anti-establishment political movement by more or less naive but well-meaning common elements in society who oppose the traditional political parties and their traditional programs.

The Republican "Tea Party" emergence in America is a type of populist movement. Also Europe currently has similar populist political movements that have emerged in numerous countries, mostly due to economic problems.

See Europe’s Populist Backlash.

Populism may sound fine at first glance, but the experience of history shows that rising populism can destabilize traditional governments and established nations, leading to terrible upheavals and wars -- often based on good intentions -- which result from what are essentially "amateurs" thinking they can do better what the professionals have been doing. Usually, that is not anywhere near the case.

We see in America what chaos such misguided "greenhorn" populist politicans can cause, not realizing that good intentions alone are never a qualification for good government.

What is the Actual Objective of the Republican Tea Party Conspiracy?

We are non-partisan in our politics.

Our opinions on the government shutdown would be the same, whether tyrants from the left or right were conducting these politically tyrannical activities. Partisanship has nothing to do with it.

We can spot these people from miles away.

Their modus operandi is always the same: "you do this or else".

"You join our political party or you will suffer the consequences."
"You follow or our religious views or else."
"You vote like we want or your job is in danger."
"You do what we want or we will shut America down."

We have little patience with the tyrannical minds that operate this way or the people who finance and support them, or bow to them -- and why.

The most important thing to understand in judging people's political opinions and actions is their personal strength and motivation, which determines their behavior.

The strong bow to no one and to no dogma.

The weak bow to whatever dogma promises them something
or to whoever they think they have to fear
or to whoever might provide them with some kind of an advantage.

Most everyone recognizes that people often "vote their pocketbook" and that many people's political opinions are merely a product of their personal economic status. They go with their own presumed advantage.

Hence, most of those who have wealth, generally support conservative political parties, because they support the status quo and thus preserve their wealth. One gets their votes by promising to lower taxes.

Similarly, people who have modest means generally support liberal political parties who seek change, because that provides the promise that their economic conditions might be improved. One gets their votes by promising change and higher taxes on the haves.

Very few people try to understand politics in terms of what is good for a country, or nation as a whole. The government shutdown is an example.

We ask, what is really "behind" the current government shutdown?

It has been a puzzlement to us that the shutdown has been publicly justified by the extremist Republicans as a battle to defund "Obamacare", i.e. the Affordable Care Act that not Obama, but CONGRESS passed. That justification to negate one law just does not make much sense when critically examined.

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, which also the Republican Tea Party is obligated to honor or be subject to the criminal sanction of 18 USC § 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights.

The realistic chances of "repealing" the Affordable Care Act by a House extremist minority denying funding for a law already IN FORCE are zero. The Senate has more than 50 Democrats who will vote no on principle, and even if the Senate were to vote for such a funding provision out of human weakness, the President would veto it. There is no chance of success.

So why is this ridiculous circus nevertheless being staged by the Republicans in the House, who are clamoring about cutting spending, but then supporting a government shutdown that is costing billions? Something stinks.

What if we viewed this entire government shutdown fiasco as a craftily planned conspiracy to impeach the President, depending on how he reacted to the events currently unfolding in Washington D.C. and elsewhere?

That would explain the behavior of many House Republicans.

And if that were the case, then all the actual conspirators would be guilty of an insurrection, and should be arrested, regardless of Congressional or other legislative or official immunity, for planning a conspiracy to destabilize the government outside of their normal legal duties.

We will have to see how this unfolds.

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