Thursday, October 10, 2013

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Starts Customer Petition on Government Shutdown

America needs more people like Schultz in Congress, who understand what America is all about, and fewer of those people who are currently there, who appear to understand nothing other than dogmas and personal careers.

See Starbucks petition takes on government shutdown.

Census Bureau Announcement on the Shutdown - 17

... and for good measure, further showing the illegality of the House extortion,
the Census Bureau Announcement on the Shutdown

As written at the Wikipedia:
"The Constitution of the United States (Article I, section II) directs that the population be enumerated at least once every ten years and the resulting counts used to set the number of members from each state in the House of Representatives and, by extension, in the Electoral College. The Census Bureau now conducts a full population count every 10 years in years ending with a 0 (zero) and uses the term "decennial" to describe the operation. Between censuses, the Census Bureau makes population estimates and projections.[3]

In addition, Census data directly affects how more than $400 billion per year in federal and state funding is allocated to communities for neighborhood improvements, public health, education, transportation and much more. The Census Bureau is mandated with fulfilling these obligations: the collecting of statistics about the nation, its people, and economy. The Census Bureau's legal authority is codified in Title 13 of the United States Code."
Failure of the House of Representatives to fund the Census Bureau is most certainly illegal under the Constitution because it hinders that bureau in its ongoing work, which is in fact essential for making counts that determine the very composition of the House of Representatives from the various States and for determining how funding is allocated.

U.S Federal Executive Departments and Government Services Affected By the Shutdown

CNN has a list of government services affected by the government shutdown.

Take a look there at the harm being done.

The conspiring leaders of the budget extortion, in the House and outside of it, including those who have funded the extortion planning, when all is said and done, should be punished criminally pursuant to 18 USC § 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights -- for conspiring by extortion to take away affordable health care from millions of Americans as granted to them by a law in force as passed by both houses of Congress, signed by the President, and found Constitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

There have been reports that these extremists want to get "something" out of their extortion -- we suggest: "ten years".

The U.S. government shutdown affects the federal executive departments, shown here by their seals (adapted from the Wikipedia). In subsequent posts we retain for posterity scans of the messages on their website pages:

Agriculture Commerce Defense

Education Energy Health & H.S.

Homeland Security Housing & Urban Development

Interior Justice Labor

State Transportation Treasury

Veterans Affairs

Billions of Dollars in Losses to Finance a Republican Party Extremist High: Perhaps the Congressional Voting Districts of the Gang of 40 Should Be Made to Foot the Bill?

Nicholas D. Kristof has a take on the Gang of 40 and government dysfunction in the USA.

We suggest sending bills to the Congressional voting districts of political extremists -- charging that their gerrymandered constituents compensate the federal government fully for the unnecessary financial harm their elected political nihilists are currently and irresponsibly causing the nation.

As for the individual States from which the majority of extremists appear to come, we just read, as a broader example of an opportunity to cut federal expenditures, that a State like Texas gets about $50 billion per year in federal military spending, an amount that is probably just the tip of the federal money-wasting iceberg in the Lone Star state.

Let us say that we are by no means against Congressional districts in Texas that wish to become self-reliant and independent of federal government.

Rather, the wise option long-term appears to be to get rid of all those military installations in Texas in a part of the country that intensely dislikes federal government, and give the people there what they want: freedom from the feds, just as they are refusing to implement Obamacare.

Take the federal jets out of Texas and let them raise watermelons and finance their own health care.

We would in fact move all that federal "action" out of anti-federal States -- perhaps at a much cheaper level saving lots of federal monies -- to States that support the USA and its federal government, rather than gifting these vast sums to federal government nay-sayers and to States such as Texas, whose cheerleader-trained governor even has talked of secession from the Union while concurrently campaigning to be U.S. President.

This is where WE too greatly fault President Obama for not putting his foot down and not being the strong Chief Executive that the country needs.

Give them a choice.

Federal jets or locally-governed non-federal watermelons.

Senate Chaplain at Stars and Stripes on Shutdown: 'Enough is Enough'

When enough is enough. Another kind of "law and order".

The Senate chaplain at "Stars and Stripes" said about the shutdown
'Enough is enough'.

It is time to put the House extremists on radar.

Law and Order Count: 24-Hour "Blitz-Marathon" in Germany Today with 9000 Radar Locations and 15000 Police on Roads and Highways Throughout the Country

When enough is enough. Speeding and poor road courtesy in Germany have gotten out of control. Today marks a historical first, the blanket coverage of the entire country with one-day 24-hour radar on roads and highways at ca. 9000 locations and involving ca. 15000 police officers. See the story in German at 24-Stunden-Kontrolle in Deutschland: Das müssen Autofahrer über den Blitz-Marathon wissen.

A Republican Last Stand that Smacks of Destructive Impulses as GOP Drops to Record Low in Gallup Poll Ratings

As reported at the Huffington Post, the government shutdown and extortionist practices by the House of Representatives under the thumb of the extremist Republican right wing have led to a massive loss of faith in the Party. See POLL: GOP HITS RECORD LOW.

Republicans Convinced They are Losing the Country and Making a Last Stand

In spite of unprecedented inequalities of wealth and income in an America (see our previous posting) dominated by increasingly super-rich Republican private individuals and corporations -- the rank-and-file Republican voter nevertheless sees his Party as losing control of the country to Democrats and what Republicans bizarrely and erroneousy view as socialistic "Obamacare" in spite of the fact that people are free to choose private insurance.

See the perspicacious analysis of Republican complaints at the New York Times in Anger Can Be Power.

The irony is that many of the nation's economic and subsequently caused political difficulties are due primarily to past erroneous Republican policies under President Reagan and his political followers such as the Presidents Bush in e.g. vastly skewing income taxes in favor of the rich and leading to the vast public debt that now exists as the result of so drying up federal tax income.

Dubya even handed out massive tax rebates to the wealthy in an unprecedentedly stupid redistribution of monies upward.

Those rebates were supposed to create jobs. Few such jobs were created. Quite the contrary, jobs were increasingly lost as "Republican-owned" corporations in search of ever more profits farmed those jobs overseas to cheaper labor or brought that cheaper labor into the country. Illegal immigration after all was initially cheap labor that could find work in "Republican" companies stateside.

So now America has the consequences of past idiotic Republican policies. No money, no work and a country full of migrant workers. And they blame Obama and the Democrats for now trying to deal with the great problems that resulted from totally misguided past Republican policies. It is an absurd situation.

Robert Reich on Shutdown Identifies Wealth and Income Inequality as Chief Causes of American Political and Economic Problems

See the Spiegel Online at Robert Reich on Shutdown: 'You Can't Negotiate with Extortionists'

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