Friday, October 04, 2013

Republican Idealogical Overreach and the Negative Role of Weak Moderates in Propelling Extremists Into Positions of Influence in the GOP

The Moderates Who Lighted the Fuse

Republican Anarchists in the House of Representatives on the Wrong Side of History

Marvelous rant by Timothy Egan at the New York Times in Wrong Side of History

Obamacare Still Leaves Millions in America Without Health Insurance

Millions of Poor in America Are Left Uncovered by Health Law according to a New York Times article.

People Who Should Not Be in Congress: House of Representatives Congressman Neugebauer from Texas

U.S. House of Representatives Congressman Neugebauer verbally abused a Park Ranger who was doing her job and professionally stood her ground as she was enforcing the shutdown that Neugebauer helped to create. Congressmen who abuse people doing their job have no business being in Washington D.C. in federal government. No wonder the country has such problems. WATCH: Congressman's Insane Confrontation With Park Ranger

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