Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Unpaid Interns of the U.S. Senate: Shameless Exploitation as the Name of the Game

People in America on both sides of the political fence who talk about the nation's economic situation should consider the article at the Atlantic by Stephen Lurie titled Shocked, Shocked: The Senate Exploits Unpaid Interns.

The United States has developed into a nation of shameless exploiters and this is visible in every facet of society.

The reality is far different from the preaching of the politicians and pundits.

The inequality of wealth and income in the USA is not only inexcusable for a country professing to lead the world morally, but things have gone so far that necessary work of the nation is being demanded from young people for no pay.

The rich get rich, and the poor get poorer....

Yahoo! Sports Online Presence Redesign is In Our Opinion a Complete Disaster

For years we have followed sports primarily on Yahoo! Sports as our portal of choice because it had the best "sports-fan geared" user interface. We have generally avoided ESPN because of the invasive, forced interjection of loud and often stupid videos that simply detract from what we are looking at.

What a shock today to see the terrible new Yahoo! Sports interface, which retros back decades in graphic user interface design to a jumble of virtually inaccessible forced view pages with an endless list of menu entries in the left column, difficult to access, rather than the easy-to-use intuitive horizontal menu system that prevailed up to now. Absolutely ridiculous.

Whoever is responsible for this should be sent to Siberia to dig for coal, and have nothing ever again to do with designing graphic user interfaces.

This continues the trend of major portals such as Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft and Facebook doing what THEY want, with little interest for user wishes.

We will, for now, detour to ESPN and be looking around for other alternatives as well. With the new interface, Yahoo! Sports can forget us as a user.

To share the shock experience, see Yahoo! Sports – Sports News, Scores, Rumors, Fantasy Games, and more.

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