Monday, August 26, 2013

Quo Vadis Microsoft, Windows and Word, Modern Devices and Services, and the Necessary PC Experience and Savvy of a New CEO

Here are two completely different and nearly opposite takes on the CEO situation at Micrcosoft.
Our comment on some of the prevailing issues:

Rather than Microsoft looking for someone with the right "experience" to follow Ballmer, they should be looking in the first instance for a new CEO who understands how their mass of professional users actually use their PCs
and what problems THEY have that need to be solved.

All this talk about smartphones, tablets and similar devices and inter-device compatibility and service is in our opinion absolutely nauseating! We have all of these devices and inter-device compatibility is simply not a major concern of a professional PC user. We use PCs to do work! The rest are for fun and games.

The notion that Microsoft now should concentrate on devices and services rather than on their monopoly on the major OS out there is ridiculous! Get the programs right, which has not been done since Windows XP!

Our impression (by experience) of the over-hyped modern tech service is an understaffed call center somewhere in the middle of nowhere manned by often clueless part-timers who have no bigger understanding of PCs than the man on the Moon. Tech service is miserable in the modern day and age. Awful.

More important is to be able to get to file directories quickly with ONE click and not with FIVE! We speak here of the PC graphic user interface disaster called Windows 8 and Word, a playful interface for teenies which may be fine for smartphones but is totally wrong on PCs manned by professionals.

TIME is money, something that recent versions of Windows and programs like Word seem not to comprehend. Not FIVE CLICKS and TWO scrolls to get to the Hard Disk C in the file manager in Word, but just ONE DOUBLE-CLICK please.

Worse, the new Word in initial stages presumes a default of a single rather than a double-click to enact a command, even for users who use a default of a DOUBLE-CLICK, which is then the standard in subsequent stages. We initially lost two files by unintended overwrites through this absurd feature. WHO out there is in charge of that kind of totally idiotic design programming?

The new CEO should solve THOSE problems first.

THEN we will see if other Windows devices or services have any sensible use.
Up to now, not, in a portable device handheld world dominated rightly by Android.

The online exception here is Office in a cloud, Office 365. Sensible!

Hat tip to CaryGEE.

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