Monday, July 29, 2013

Stanford University Ranked #1 By Forbes

Well, we have known that Stanford is top for a long time -- as the "home" of Silicon Valley.

Of course, being a Stanford Law School alumnus makes that knowledge easier, but of course, also more biased.

There are many top universities and colleges out there, and ranking them becomes much more complex once you get into individual disciplines and departments.

We visited the University of Michigan two years ago, the alma mater of my better half, and it is an impressive school having some advantages over Stanford as well, but on the whole, the choice of Stanford at #1 is supportable.

The Forbes rankings should optimally lead to a vitally necessary discussion both in the USA and elsewhere about the ongoing conflict between modernity vs. tradition, especially in nations and countries in part mired in blindered political, religious, cultural and economic  nostalgia.

You will NOT get to the top via antiquated methods and formulas.

Respect the past, live in the present but design for the future.

Stanford got to the top by that basic credo.
At least, so we would claim.

See the story at Forbes.

Hat tip to CaryGEE.

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