Thursday, December 20, 2012

Education and Law: Top 20 Most Valuable College Football Teams in Terms of Dollars are Led by Texas, Michigan, and Notre Dame

College football is a big dollar business, and Chris Smith at Forbes has a list of the top 20 teams in terms of dollar value at The Business Of College Football.

As a matter of law and taxes, however, it is all just a part of college education.

The Internet of Things -- Devices Talking to One Another -- Is Coming of Age in 2013

The Internet of Things -- Devices Talking to One Another -- is coming of age in 2013 according to Clive Thompson at Wired Opinion in No Longer Vaporware: The Internet of Things Is Finally Talking.

Mobile Device Battles Top Strategic Tech Trends for The New Year 2013

Eric Savitz at Forbes has the story in Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2013.

IP Law Profs, Hear, Hear! The Mark Cuban Chair To Eliminate Stupid Patents

Slashdot has the story at The Mark Cuban Chair To Eliminate Stupid Patents.

See the original article at the EFF in
EFF Patent Project Gets Half-Million-Dollar Boost from Mark Cuban and 'Notch'

Entrepreneur Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is quoted as saying that:
"The current state of patents and patent litigation in this country is shameful. Silly patent lawsuits force prices to go up while competition and innovation suffer. "
Game developer Markus "Notch" Persson is quoted as saying:
"New games and other technological tools come from improving on old things and making them better – an iterative process that the current patent environment could shut down entirely."
Recall that LawPundit started posting about the need for patent reform nearly 10 years ago!

Perhaps obvious things require an incubation period in the academic community which often seems to lag far behind actual developments, not just in the law.

College Football Coaching Today Means High Salaries and Equally High Expectations

The coaching carousel in college football is in full swing with coaches shifting their allegiances to the highest bidder in a highly compensated profession in which winning is everything and losing is all but not tolerated.

Former Cornhusker head coach Tom Osborne was interviewed by Steven M. Sipple of the Lincoln Journal Star and his article headline speaks volumes:

Osborne Says Society's Increasing Vitriol Impacts Coaches

Sipple quotes Osborne as saying that:
"I think across the nation, there is less patience than there used to be," Osborne said. "Maybe it has to do with salaries to some degree."
There is no question that Ozzie is right about the lack of patience and that surely the high salaries paid in college coaching today play a great role in the expectations of fans, donors, sponsors and university administrators.

On the other hand, it is equally true that if winning were not an issue then coaches could be paid normal salaries comparable to other educators.

The overinflated salaries of college football coaches are all a product of a society that has allowed its economic system to become split into "haves" and "have nots", into people working hard to make millions and others working equally hard just to get by.

The solution of course is to implement political and economic solutions whereby some semblance of sensible equality and balance is restored to the distribution of income and wealth in the nation.

Until that happens, winning will remain the top priority and the salaries of top winning coaches will continue to escalate -- and expectations with them.

After all, athletic programs must be financed and stadiums have to be filled.

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