Sunday, July 08, 2012

Simple Cartoons Explaining the Higgs Mechanism & Dark Matter

Ben Parr via PHD Comics on Vimeo has two exceptionally useful cartoon videos on Particle Physics, the Higgs Boson & Dark Matter Explained.

United Nations to Host Talks on Patent Wars to Protect Innovation: Too Little, Too Late

At LawPundit, we began A DECADE AGO with warnings about the absurdity of the current patent system.

We are trying to figure out why the rest of the world is always at least those ten years behind the actual developments, and more.

As reported at BBC News Technology, even the United Nations has now caught the word as Patent war talks to be hosted by UN agency to protect innovation.

Ten years too little and too late is not going to be of much help at the present time.

Serious structural changes have to be made in the legal systems and intellectual property laws of most nations, and also in UN and world IP agencies.

However, that is not going to happen until the entire patent scene slowly grinds the world economy to a halt because the system of trade and commerce has collapsed for the benefit of the monopolists.

Maybe then something will be done. Not before.

People are too greedy to follow the path of reason.

Men generally move only when they have no other choice.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Cleared For Sale Temporarily As Courts Continue on a Course of Substituting Judges' Opinions for the Rules of the Market

In America?
Not much sign of that.

Judicial activism?
Judges sticking their noses into market processes that they do not understand?
Courts permitting the wheels of trade and commerce to grind to a halt because they are having fun playing their own versions of crystal-balling?
Lots of that.

Because of its antiquated patent system and other completely outdated laws, such as those governing injunctions, the United States is becoming a nation where courts and judges can now determine what is sold, rather than the market.

Unfortunately, these myopic judges are wielding their gavels in true oligarchic fashion, representing a broken patent and legal system that is moving further and further away from democracy and the rule of law, and which is also moving increasingly toward operating for the benefit of only chosen, vested interests.

We refer here to a story at the Gadget Lab of Wired
by Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Court Clears Samsung Galaxy Nexus For Sale But Patent Battle Continues.

That story is just the tip of the iceberg.

The only people who are profiting here are the patent trolling monopolists.

Capitalism, the nation, respect for the law, and consumers are all suffering.

A country operating under this absurd system can not prosper in the long term.

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