Monday, June 04, 2012

Paul Krugman Comments on Soros on the Euro

Paul Krugman at the New York Times is quick on the uptake and already has comments at his blog, The Conscience of a Liberal, on the just published opinions of George Soros on the future of the Euro. See Krugman at Soros on the Euro.

Pinterest "Image" Your Pages or Lose Out: Many Organizations, Companies, Law Firms, Professionals, Individuals and Websites have no Pinterest-Capable and Web Site-Representing Images Available for "Pinning"

LawPundit has been pinning at Pinterest recently, which we have found to be a really nice way of visually "bookmarking" sites of interest to us. Take a look:

Follow Me on Pinterest

In doing so, we have discovered that:
  • a great number of online websites, blogs, etc. have no Pinterest-capable images on their main page
  • a great number of online websites, blogs, etc. have Pinterest-capable images on their pages that do not relate directly to their own web presence and often only relate to third-party websites or topics.
What this means is that when we click our bookmark button "Pin It",
we can not pin MANY websites at all,
because they lack a Pinterest-capable image
that identifies or represents in some way the web presence we want to pin.

Website owners and website developers ... you have the word.

Indeed, we are having to review our own blogs and websites
to make sure we make corresponding image updates!

George Soros on the Euro Crisis Has Views Similar to Paul Krugman

Catherine Boyle at CNBC Business News quotes George Soros in

Three Months to Save the Euro: George Soros writing:
"“The authorities didn’t understand the nature of the euro crisis; they thought it was a fiscal problem, while it is more of a banking problem and a problem of competitiveness. And they applied the wrong remedy: You cannot reduce the debt burden by shrinking the economy -- only by growing your way out of it,” he said. "
Read the whole article here.

Hat tip to CaryGEE.

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