Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patents and Patent Wars Seriously Stifling Innovation as Tech Firms Resort to Crowdsourcing to Help Fight Lawsuits: IP Legal Action Now the Weapon of Choice to Stifle New Market Entrants and Reduce Competition

Jessica E. Vascellaro has the story at the Wall Street Journal in Tech Firms Crowd-Source to Fight Suits.

This is the inevitable point to which the currently impossible intellectual property law system has brought the world of innovation.

Intellectual property suits are now the weapon of choice to stifle new market entrants and to reduce competition before it even starts.

Goodbye Psystar: Appeal vs. Apple Denied by Supreme Court:: Another Competitor Eliminated via Intellectual Property Law

YOU belong to us.
Is that a secret Apple motto?

Mark Hachman has the story at Psystar Appeal Against Apple Denied by Supreme Court as another potential Apple competitor bites the dust, aided by intellectual property law.

Gee, does anyone else see a clear pattern here of eliminating the competition via intellectual property law rather than competing on the market against the competition based on their own products?

Another Flawed Federal Circuit Court Ruling: A Mixed Bag in Apple-Samsung Patent Case: Functionality vs. Design of a Rectangle with Rounded Corners and a Symmetrical Bezel

There will be a lot of mainstream media reports on the
Mixed Ruling in Apple-Samsung Patent Case

but we have nothing but contempt for a court that can not see that there is no patentable design in a rectangle with rounded corners and a symmetrical bezel.

The idea that an Apple design is somehow potentially patentable
-- because the bezel has "symmetrical" edges as opposed to minimally different prior art with non-symmetrical bezels and differences of millimeters --
sends the wolves howling out of the courtroom with laughter.

Some attempt has to be made in the future to try to get more competent judges on the Federal Circuit Court.

Anyone who can not understand that a bezel is a primarily functional rather than design aspect of electronics -- look at any symmetrically "bezeled" TV or PC -- does not deserve to sit on the Federal Circuit and that applies to most of the judges there presently.

Bezels hold the display. As displays have allowed ever-thinner bezels due to foreseeable improvements in the underlying electronics technology, the functional value of the bezel is to hold and make visible as large a display screen as possible without covering it by the bezel. Any judge who sees so-called "minimalist" design -- i.e. as good as NO DESIGN at all -- as patentable, should be in another line of work.

German HDTV Maker Loewe Possibly To Be Acquired by Monopolist Apple: A Case for Gathering More Votes for the Pirate Party

We read at Apple Insider that Apple rumored to be in talks to acquire German HDTV maker Loewe, although the reports of a Loewe takeover by Apple have been denied by other sources.

If the rumors of such a sale were true, however, this would be terrible news for Germany and the world that such a quality company as Loewe, its name, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, could even possibly be acquired by the monopolist Apple, a patent trolling maker of overhyped and overpriced products, a proven exploiter of foreign labor, and by its revolting corporate policies a catalyst for anti-democratic anti-human environments everywhere the company goes.

If this rumored deal goes through one can reckon down the road that the currently ca. 1000 jobs at Loewe would be lost to production facilities in the Far East, thus exporting to Germany the despicable American pattern of business whereby only a few at the top profit, domestic jobs are lost by the thousands, and goods cheaply made in the Far East are sold in the West at gouging prices reflecting enormous profit margins, thus filling the pockets of monopolists like Apple, leading to ever increasing inequalities in wealth and income of the people of the Western world, and promoting severe political and financial problems for Western nations as a whole.

Companies like Apple are major contributing causes of the current economic recession and the financial crisis facing many nations. They suck the life out of economies for their own profit only, provide for minimal domestic employment, do not pay their fair share of taxes, and their current patent wars in the courts of the world are a sign of what is to come -- the attempt at forced economic tyranny of the worst possible sort, abetted by outdated intellectual property laws and flawed court interpretations of those laws.

Under Marxism-Leninism, the only books you could buy in book stores were books about and/or favorable to Marxism-Leninism. If Apple had its way, that is how the world of technology would look, guided by the Marxist-Leninist philosophy of a founder who expressly wanted to "control" that technology and whose company is now out to try to destroy its competitor Android in the legal arena, rather than entering the world of free market competition.

One can only hope that political parties such as the Pirate Party become ever stronger in order to counter the increasing pervasiveness of selfish and inhuman economic monopolists in our world. The Pirate Party platform is:

"The Uppsala Declaration

At the 2009 conference of Pirate Parties International in Uppsala (Sweden), European Pirate Parties agreed on a common declaration of the parties' goals for the upcoming election of the European Parliament.[5][6] Central issues of the declaration are:
  • reform of copyright, exemption of non-commercial activity from copyright regulation, reduction of the duration of copyright protections; banning of DRM technologies, opposition to media or hardware levies;
  • reform of patent law, particularly stating that patents on life (including patents on seeds and on genes) and software should not be allowed;
  • strengthening civil rights, transparent government, speedy and fair trial and freedom of speech; expansion of the right to anonymity in communication."
Companies like Apple have made their billions by egregious monopolistic intellectual property rights practices, as the company has even tried - in part successfully -- to monopolize simple designs like rectangles with rounded corners, and similar nonsense, abetted by clueless legislators and gullible courts living in the nostalgic past.

Do not wonder why the Pirate Party has newly entered four state parliaments in Germany by receiving 5% or more of the vote. Wonder rather that the vote for them has not been overwhelmingly more.

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