Sunday, April 22, 2012

Putting Keyword Labels on LawPundit Postings to Organize Topics for Publication in Print

We are approaching 3000 postings on LawPundit and are starting the process of putting keyword labels on postings, old and new.

We have no idea what impact this will have on postings sent to subscribers. We apologize for any convenience but we plan to publish our best LawPundit postings in print and need these labels to organize the materials by topic.

Thank you for your understanding.

Pulitzer No Fiction Award Jury as a Model for Political Elections and News Media? Michael Bywater at The Week Reports

On the topic of books....

Michael Bywater at The Week has a nice take on the failure of the Pulitzer Jury to award a Fiction Prize in 2012 at If only British voters could be as ruthless as the Pulitzer jury, suggesting maybe we should not elect anyone if the candidates are not up to snuff (but actually, the jury could not agree).

Bywater also takes a jibe at mainstrema media news, seeing the non-award of a prize as a model for not reporting non-news:
"In the earliest days of the BBC, when it came to the news a man in a dinner jacket would say, if necessary: "Nothing of interest to our listeners has happened today." It's a policy which should be extended."
Bywater in the context of books has some regrets about online bookbuying, opining:
"Amazon has kicked the browsing out of book-buying."
A delightful article to read, especially for printed book lovers.

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