Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are America's Exectuves Overpaid? Forbes CEO Compensation List Suggests the Answer is Absolutely Yes: Private Health Insurance as a Golden Goose for CEOs

So you are against Obamacare?

Maybe you should think again.

Why does health care in the USA cost twice as much as in Europe with half the results?

At the top of the nation's vastly overpaid executives who are ripping off the nation's rotten system for billions annually, is a health care executive earning more than $100 million per year for the UnitedHealth Group whose former top exec was already receiving $1 for every $700 of health insurance premiums paid into that insurer and who stepped down in the course of legal and SEC investigations. But nothing has changed.

$100 million would pay for a lot of health care to people who need it. There is zero reason for this kind of executive compensation. For what possible "service" does such an exec receive that kind of money? The need for health care can be determined by actuaries. Nothing to it.

Collecting premiums and dispensing them to people who need health care is a snap. We could get people to do that for minimum wages.

It is instructive that UnitedHealth execs have been pumping big money into lobbying against National Health Care and have been meeting with other insurers to torpedo health care legislation.

The nation needs health care.
The nation does not need these kinds of executives.

See the Forbes CEO Compensation, 2011 Compensation List
which suggests that America's executives are vastly overpaid -- for what??

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