Monday, December 19, 2011

Library Technology and the Law Librarian in the Holiday Season

Anne Ellis reports at the ABA Journal


What Technology Is Your Law Librarian Thinking About This Season?.

Newt Gingrich Bashes Legal System

Jonathan H. Adler has a short report at the Volokh Conspiracy on Gingrich on Judicial Review.

What Gingrich is advocating is legal heresy, but the man knows how to get votes, pointing to selected -- in our opinion sometimes disastrous -- U.S. Supreme Court decisions where frankly, we often agree with Gingrich about judicial overreach and judges "defining America" contrary to the wishes of the people.

The courts -- as we see in the patent arena -- have lost their contact to reality, and definitely need to be cut down to size.

At the same time, not to forget, it is also high time to get all those pretending non-lawyers out of Congress who do not comprehend the legal system and who are elected to make laws, because that is the job of legislators. Let them first study their discipline, before they exercise it.

Hat tip to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), where Jess Bravin and Neil King Jr. write that Gingrich Takes Aim at Legal System.

FOSS Patents Writes that Samsung Brings Four New Patent Suits Against Apple in Germany

We are beginning to enjoy "patent madness" in view a posting at FOSS Patents titled Samsung hits Apple with four new patents in Germany but backtracks on the iPhone 4S.

We have been writing about the inadequacies and failings of the world patent system for years and our words have been falling mostly on deaf ears.

Now the recalcitrant legal systems of the world are getting what they deserve -- absolute patent chaos.

Of course, the lawyers are thrilled to have work, and the judges feel important in now being the main cogs in the marketing chain, rather than the market system, as courts now decide which products go on the market and when.

If we were advising a young person going into law today what they should study as a specialty, we would advise, PATENT LAW. It is a ludicrously productive gold mine that will get even bigger and more profitable as more and more tech patents are granted by the clueless patent offices and as more and more courts smell the path to glory.

On the Constitutionality of Santa Claus

The Constitutionality of Santa Claus

is discussed by Robyn Hagan Cain

at the FindLaw U.S. Supreme Court News & Information Blog


Ho Ho No: Is Santa Claus Unconstitutional?

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