Thursday, December 15, 2011

Motorola Beats Apple at its own Patent Troll Game and Wins Patent Dispute in German Court

We are not in favor of any of the patents involved in these disputes

-- and the broken world patent system itself deserves the currently existing deplorable state of affairs in which judges and courts now decide important matters of business, trade and commerce, and not markets --

but ... we think it serves the Apple company right

(a company who arguably stole their name from the Bible rather than naming themselves as Jobs-Wozniak or Wozniak-Jobs, as Hewlett-Packard did, in honor of their founders, rather preferring to steal without cost to them the good will associated with the word "apple", a word belonging to the people, not to a company)

as reported in BBC News,

that Motorola wins Apple wireless patent fight in Germany.

As Florian Mueller reports at Foss Patents in Motorola Mobility wins German patent suit against Apple, overcomes FRAND defense, theoretically, Motorola can now win injunctions in Germany against the sale of Apple iPhones and iPads, etc. just as Apple did against Samsung here in Germany in trying to forbid the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

If Apple is suing companies like Samsung and HTC in its campaign to destroy Android, then it should not be surprised that older patents will be brought to bear against it in just return. Apple did not invent this technical sector and should be severely punished by companies holding older patents in this field for starting this shameful patent war, the causes of which lie in an antiquated legal system that has not seen itself fit to adapt to the 21st century.

Patently Obvious: Clueless USPTO Grants Location Tracker Patents

Man has been "hunting" and "tracking" ever since he set foot on this planet. 

Quite aside from the issue of blatant violations of privacy rights, just what in God's name is "non-obvious" about any of the alleged "discoveries" that have led to the grant of digital tracker patents?

Tracking via digital technology would appear to be obvious even to many who are not versed in the state-of-the-art, not even talking about the "normal development" of the state-of-the-art and its obviousness to people versed in that art.

See Erik Wherman at CNET News and Amazon patent could let it track you... and predict you.

See PatentlyApple at Apple Wins Patent for Fully Automated Location Based Web Services

We are living in an age where the USPTO and similar patent agencies throughout the world are granting monopolies on the most banal of matters that are obvious digital extensions of prior art. When will it stop?

Maintaining Dominance WITHIN the Rules - A Great Football Player With Some Things to Learn about Norms and Standards

Dan Wetzel at Yahoo! Sports has the article at Remorse isn't part of Suh's playbook.

Suh is a great football player and we are fans, but he should consider his impact on younger fans and his influence on human and social values in general.

Football is a GAME, a game for entertainment, which replaces combat at arms, jousting, battle, and war.

Sports provide a controlled environment for letting out aggressions and enjoying man's normal competitiveness. That is why sports are so immensely popular.

To maintain respect in the sports environment, therefore, Suh should stick to the following elementary rules:

1) don't kick anyone when they are down, and,
2) no cheap hits.

A dominant player shows his dominance within the rules.

That is the basis of all civilized society, not just sports. Norms and standards.

P.S. Especially when driving a car, aggression is out of place, and when you are out of sorts or not in possession of full concentration, don't get behind the wheel.

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