Friday, November 18, 2011

It's All About Religion -- Oops -- It's All About the Money: Bankrupt Crystal Cathedral To Be Sold

We have enjoyed many happy hours Sunday morning watching the gifted speaker Reverend Robert H. Schuller and the "Hour of Power" as our TV church pulpit away from home and are thus sad to report that the bankrupt Crystal Cathedral is to be sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County, ultimately forcing the existing congregation to seek quarters elsewhere.

That tells you where the money is and, consequently, who calls the shots.

If you can dream it, and can not pay for it, forget it?

Sorry, Robert, Sr., But that seems to be the "temporal" reality.

Anyone who does not understand that "religion"
is all about money and power
just is not going to church often enough.

We continue to maintain that tax exemptions or benefits of any kind for religions, denominations, sects or churches of any kind are contrary to the United States Constitution, since such tax bennies help to "enable" and "establish" those organizations, often thus subsidizing undesirable practices, such as arguably led to the demise of the Crystal Cathedral, and in any case running counter to the letter AND spirit of the incomparable document that rules America.

Tax breaks give churches the erroneous idea that they have special rights, leading them into temptation and to abandon the true path of prudence and wisdom.

Every day finds a new news report about a church excess of some kind, i.e. "organizations" overstepping their bounds, and "ecclesiastical servants" engaging in improper and indeed illegal conduct.

You, dear citizen, are paying for those excesses.

Barnes & Noble Confront Microsoft with 43 Pages of Prior Art

We have just become fans of Barnes & Noble
as they pummel Microsoft patents with prior art,
as Brian Proffitt writes at ITworld.

It is really high time for the legal system to deal with the fact that almost all so-called "high tech" is based on prior art, that most so-called high-tech "inventions" are nothing but "obvious" developments of the "state of the art" to anyone skilled in that art, and that the world's high tech companies are doing nothing more than extorting money from existing or would-be competitors via a broken patent system rather than doing what they are supposed to be doing, which is developing, marketing and selling their products.

Why is the American economy and financial system broken?
Atrocious monopolist-favoring patent law is one reason.

If you reward people for doing NOTHING, nothing is what you will have left.

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