Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SOCIOCAPITALISM as THE NEW DOCTRINE: Where are We Going? Social Capitalism May Just Be the Doctrine of Tomorrow: Navigating the Socio-Economic Future with the Right Navigator

Is "social capitalism" or "sociocapitalism" the new doctrine of the future?

To understand the world, we have to know where we were, where we are, and where we are going.

Many people do not care for history, so they do not know where we were.

Many people are not happy with where we are, and are concerned more with where we should be.

Many people try not to figure out where we are going, because like travelers dependent on GPS, who needs a map when you have a navigator?

For many people, that navigator in their world is their own political, economic and religious belief system, which tells them what to do and where to go.

But what if their navigator is out of date?
What if they have not "downloaded" the most recent update?
What then?

Such in fact may be the case for many people following what are arguably outdated non-updated doctrines in the political, economic and religious sphere.

The modern world has changed and is continuing to change, and the doctrines -- or navigators -- that people follow, surely should be "updated" to match the times, so that people get to where they think they are going and want to be.

A good argument can be made that something called "social capitalism" or "sociocapitalism" is emerging as THE NEW DOCTRINE.

R. Jagannathan in Socio-capitalism set to become the new economic doctrine? writes as follows:
"Socio-capitalism is an idea whose time has come. It may not be easy to define what it embraces, but what it abandons is clear: market and ideological fundamentalism."
If that actually turns out to be true, and there is much evidence that it IS or WILL BE true, then the adherents of fundamentalism in political, economic and religious spheres are following doctrines that are on the wane.

Something else is actually coming, now and in the future.

Social Capitalism and the Young Socially Responsible Hipster Entrepreneurial Generation: "Generation Sell" and Small Business Enterprise as the Ideal Social Form?

What is the "really hip" Entrepreneurial Generation?

William Deresiewicz at the New York Times Sunday Review
has a thought-provoking analysis at Generation Sell

in which he discusses today's young generation and its character

as being marked by "social entrepreneurship":

the preferred way to make money responsibly

via small business.

Capitalism and social conscience combined?
Social capitalism?

(based on a posting at OWNIOTS)

Moral Superiority? David Brooks at the New York Times Cautions Us

David Brooks of the New York Times has another great piece at Let’s All Feel Superior.

Pardon my opinion, but perhaps we all could profit from the content of what Brooks is writing.

His basic message used to be something that Judeo-Christian preachers would preach to their congregations from the pulpits, reminding people that man has a dual nature, good and bad, from which none of us is excepted.

The process of civilization, in fact, can be seen as a process of finding positive outlets for the dark sides of man's character, and, failing that, a great leap forward was the invention of the rule of law, applicable to all of us in like measure (at least in theory) to keep our weaker sides in check.

Brooks is definitely right that people should resist the temptation to feel morally superior, because we all have weaknesses that can surface when push comes to shove. The perfect human has yet to be made.

Of course, we all have strengths too, which are essential for our well-being, and success in life can depend on maximizing those strengths and minimizing the weaknesses, but for that, one must RECOGNIZE and ACKNOWLEDGE those weaknesses.

In any case, don't damn anyone lest you yourself find yourself in a similar difficult situation.

Nevertheless, we have rules, and we have both the letter of the law as well as the spirit of the law, and those, of course, should be followed.

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