Friday, November 11, 2011

Stanford Law Review Online introduced today, November 11, 2011

The most backward "late adopters" of modern internet online technology for publications are surely the academic journals and so we are pleased to see that the Stanford Law Review has taken a right step forward in introducing Stanford Law Review Online.

The Imperium Strikes Back: Samsung Patent Suits Against Apple May Result in Injunction in Germany Against Sales of iPhones and iPads in Germany

The company Apple started the design and patent war against Samsung, and now they are getting their just desserts, as Samsung has now invoked THEIR patents on 3G technology against Apple in Germany, patents that have been deemed "essential" for 3G technology, a technology which is used by Apple's top-selling wares.

There is no doubt that the Samsung suits are retaliatory in nature for the Apple suits brought against Samsung to prohibit sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

We fully support Samsung's legal position.

Apple, the monopolist, needs to be taught an important lesson that no one is bigger than the market and that a bully gets what a bully deserves.

See FOSS Patents in Samsung could win German injunction(s) against Apple's 3G-capable products in late January -- enforceability would be clarified later.

We have dozens of postings in our archive covering the inexcusable Apple suits against Samsung which led to the permanent injunction in Germany against the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung is an imperium which is stronger than Apple by far because they actually MAKE products whereas Apple is more of a marketing-oriented patent troll whose products are not made in the USA but rather manufactured by many companies overseas, especially in the Far East, and including Samsung.

Apple has decided to follow a vile patent and design strategy and it is backfiring, rightly so.

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