Tuesday, November 08, 2011

College Sports Collusion and Reverse Robin Hood at Sportsgeekonomics

If a bank is robbed and the bank robber gives 10% of the money to charity, does that exculpate his crime?

Of course not, but that is the argument that the NCAA raises as a justification for the present monopolistic system of college sports administration.

See on this important legal and sports issue:

Reverse Robin Hood – Why using money for (arguably) good causes should not be a defense for NCAA collusion | Sportsgeekonomics

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Monopolies in Action: Penn State Scandal Implicates Big Money College Sports

The most profitable college football program is ... ?

Whenever you let a system get out of control, you are ultimately asking for trouble, and college sports has definitely reached the breaking point.

College sports are not only corrupted by the monopoly control of the NCAA, which is propagated by the apparently uninformed self-serving importance of the university administrators who enable the current system, but college athletics are also characterized by the sham attached to an allegedly "amateur" student-athlete system that is in fact a very big business for a lot of people, who profit handsomely from that business at the cost of the athletes.

The current and unfortunate Penn State scandal is the kind of thing that now attracts the attention of many people who ordinarily do not pay attention. It may turn out to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

The Tell at Market Watch reports in
Big-money college sports rocked by Penn State scandal

including a top 10 list of the most profitable college football programs.

That list is headed by the University of Texas with a profit of nearly $70 million a year.

Surprisingly, the University of Georgia is second, followed by the now scandal-implicated Penn State at third, the University of Michigan fourth, the University of Florida fifth, LSU sixth, the University of Alabama seventh, the University of Tennessee eighth, Auburn University ninth, and the University of Oklahoma tenth.

SEC football quality reflects the power of money and resources in the conference, which is represented by six schools in the top 10 most profitable list, while the Big Ten has two schools and the Big 12 also has two schools.

Big money means big business and -- on the whole -- the best players.

Obviously, that system must EITHER be reformed from within, an unlikely prospect, or the legal system must more accurately deal with a monopoly that would seem to this observer to be in clear breach of the antitrust laws.

The solution, as always, is to bust the trust, thus opening the system for new frontiers.

Patent Reform, University Innovation and IP Protection at The Tech Transfer Blog

A posting at
Technology Transfer Tactics
at The Tech Transfer Blog
focuses on
University innovation and patent reform: what lies ahead

Patents and China: The Sleeping Dragon Awakes as an Innovator rather than as a Copier

All those people applauding the patent trolls in the USA should perhaps think twice.

The pendulum of litigation is shifting -- to China.

Jameson Berkow of the Financial Post has the story at the Montreal Gazette in Patent dragon awakes, a story about China as a rising patent power, and about Chinese litigation on patent infringement of CHINESE patents.

That China would start to copy the West in this legal pea and shell game was eminently foreseeable.

You reap what you sow.

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