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Biotech Patent Law: Law and Science Combined in a Career

William J. Simmons has the real deal at the journal Science in discussing the intersection of law and science careers:

In Person: A Career in Biotech Patent Law - Science Careers - Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Faculty, Postdoc jobs on Science Careers.

U.S. Economics, Anti-Government Views and Anti-Taxation : "Barbarians in the Grip of an Obscurantist Faith"

"Barbarians in the grip of an obscurantist faith" is a phrase coined by Paul Krugman in his New York Times article A Dark Age of macroeconomics (wonkish) of a couple of years ago.

Read that article to gain an inkling -- perhaps -- of the fact that extremist "vested interest" economics has little to do with economic understanding or reality.

Rather, as Rob Graham writes in one of the comments to that article:
"Knowledge in the feudal age was not meant to improve understanding of the world. It was meant to support the status quo. Its purpose was to make sure that things didn’t change, that those with power remained in power.

Whether such knowledge was in tune with the way the world worked or that knowledge improved the lot of society was not a consideration.

A pity we’ve returned to that time."
We wrote about America and the role of "change" in our previous posting.

Those who wish to keep the status quo of an incredible inequality in America as concerns money, earnings, property and wealth, may view themselves to be Americans, but in fact, that is not the philosophy that made America.

On the contrary, that is the selfish philosophy that historically has led all the great cultures of man's past into decadence and defeat.

When the Bible says that the "meek" shall inherit the Earth, they are not speaking of all the prosperous people in America who are unwilling to properly fund and finance the country which has granted them the life of advantage that they enjoy.

Small Businesses are at the U.S. Economy Core

Small Businesses at the Economy’s Core is the title of an online posting at IIP Digital, an arm of the U.S. Department of State. There it is written that the linked article was excerpted from the book Outline of the U.S. Economy, published by the Bureau of International Information Programs.

Since that is government material and because the topic is so important, we reproduce that excerpted article below in full, adding the commentary that all the reactionaries in American politics both on the left and the right should read especially the last paragraph. Unfortunately, much of modern America has become more like the countries that most of the immigrants who fled to America wanted to leave.
"American entrepreneurs remain eager to risk their own savings to start small businesses despite the potential for failure that Schumpeter’s model predicts. The widely published and sometimes embroidered story of American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was a potent symbol of aspiration and perseverance for generations of Americans, “defining our image of ourselves, shaping our sense of possibility,” says author Peter Baida.

The 15th child of a Boston soap and candle maker, Franklin quit school after two years to work in his brother’s printing business. He learned the printing trade and accounting, became the American colonies’ most noteworthy publisher and inventor, and then played his storied role in the struggle for national independence. Since Franklin’s time, Americans have hailed leading inventors and entrepreneurs as icons of opportunism, from Thomas Edison to Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Millions of entrepreneurs try to create their own versions of success. Government data show that, in 2006, an estimated 650,000 new employer-owned businesses were started up and 565,000 went out of business, out of a total of around six million such businesses nationwide. Similar ratios of births and deaths among small businesses are repeated year after year.

One obvious reason why so many Americans choose this path is the relative ease of starting a business. Professions such as law, medicine, and accounting have stiff licensing requirements. But compared to other Western economies, the United States offers an open road to a would-be business owner. The contrast with some Third World economies is monumental. A study by the Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto found that it took 289 days to open a small garment workshop in Lima, Peru. The absence of a vibrant small-business class is not due to a lack of entrepreneurs, he argued. In 1993, an estimated 150,000 vendors worked the streets of Mexico City, to cite but one example. But these vendors were blocked from becoming full-fledged business owners by many hurdles, de Soto says, including rigid class barriers, laws that discourage property ownership, and bureaucracies intent on preserving the status quo. In the United States, change is a way of life."
Politicians who argue AGAINST change in America simply do not understand the history of their own country. I merely add one proviso to "the rule of change"
-- CHANGE "for the better" is preferable.

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Small Business Loans at Record High Levels Says You're the Boss Blog at the New York Times

Robb Mandelbaum writes at the You're the Boss Blog, the Small Business Blog at the New York Times, that S.B.A.-Backed Lending Set a Record in 2011, writing:
"The Small Business Administration did record business in 2011, guaranteeing more money in loans to small companies than in any year in its history. But the very smallest businesses, seeking the smallest loans, had more trouble getting an S.B.A. guarantee than in 2010."
When people talk about taxes, they often forget that taxes finance small business enterprises, which are the core of the economy, especially in the United States.

All the Blogs Fit to Print? The Blog Directory of The New York Times

Get up to date with the New York Times own Blog Directory.

All the blogs fit to print?

Blogs became an integral part of mainstream journalism -- fast.

Library Law: Closing of Libraries Leads to Demonstrations in London, United Kingdom, as High Court Rules in Favor of Brent Council and Wembley in Landmark Legal Case

You can tell a lot about a society by its choices about where to "save money", especially in the current economic situation, where government cuts are seen as necessary by many governments, also in the United Kingdom.

A High Court decision affirming the right of the Brent Council -- Brent is where Wembley is located in London -- to make library closures in Kensal Rise, Barham Park, Preston Road, Neasden, Cricklewood and Tokyngton has led to a wave of protests and demonstrations -- as reported by Benedict Moore-Bridge and Miranda Bryant in Families form human shields to stop libraries being shut down.

See also the Brent Council page and the DailyMail.

The legal argument raised against the library closures was that they discriminate against minorities, the disabled and the elderly, who have difficulty getting to more distantly located city libraries, such as the one at Wembley, which is to be turned into a "mega-library", in part with the savings made by smaller library closures.

The High Court found to the contrary, however, that the Brent Council had the right to close libraries if it so decided and that its decision did not contradict the Equality Act 2010.

Public Libraries News discusses all of the possible challenges in the UK to library closings, including provisions of the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act which requires authorities to run a "comprehensive and efficient" public library service.

Presumably, one reason the libraries in Brent are coming under the axe is because of the Wembley Regeneration that includes the recently constructed 90,000 capacity Wembley National Stadium, which will host the upcoming 2012 Olympic football matches and the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final.

Life is a matter of priorities.

We are great sports fans ourselves, but city councils should not construct, maintain and/or modernize athletic facilities at the cost of libraries. That sends the wrong message to the people of any country, especially the youth.

Intellectual Property Law in Great Need of Reform Writes Law Professor Jason Mazzone

Law Prof Jason Mazzone in his new book Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law (ISBN: 9780804760065), Stanford University Press, argues that Intellectual property law needs reform.

Aria Munro writes at that:
"Intellectual property law in the United States is on the verge of breakdown and needs to be reformed, argues law professor Jason Mazzone in his new book....
Read the whole article here.

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