Tuesday, September 20, 2011

German Pirate Party Wins 15 of 130 Seats in Berlin as Internet Activist Movement to Reform Patent and Copyright Laws in the Digital Age

Mark Brown of wired.co.uk writes at arstechnica.com in Law & Disorder: Tech Policy News in German Pirate Party boards Berlin state parliament that the Pirate Party, at first not taken seriously, was founded in Sweden in 2006 to protest absurdly applied intellectual property laws.

We have been writing at LawPundit for nearly a decade about the SERIOUS need to reform and re-LEGISLATE outdated intellectual property laws and to modernize and re-EDUCATE the courts so that judges understand the Internet and the digital age, which many because of their advanced age do not.

In fact, nearly ten years ago we were one of the first to write about this problem at all, trying to alert the legal community to the fact that it was often concerned with all kinds of legal problems and issues of little relevance to the future and that the best minds in law should start paying more attention to what really counts.

Now we find in 2011 -- at the same time that a hopelessly antiquated and totally out of tune German court has issued a permanent injunction against the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany for alleged infringement of an Apple company design registration for a rectangle with rounded corners, i.e. the iPad -- that the exact opposite and much greater development -- in terms of future importance -- has occurred, namely the election of the German Pirate Party to the regional parliament in Berlin via an astounding 8.9% of the total vote, giving the party 15 of the 130 seats in Berlin's parliament.

Although Berlin is a special case and the massive "alternative" protest votes for the Pirate Party in Berlin can not be extended broadly everywhere, the upstart Pirate Party victory demonstrates the tremendous dissatisfaction festering in the younger voting generations against a world of digital and other laws that is not designed for their interests, nor for their future.

The Pirate Party vote is a warning to established political parties and rulers everywhere to wake up and to start to draft sensible laws, rules and regulations for the future, including Internet intellectual property law.

Those who think that patent, copyright, trademark or design trolls will rule the world of tomorrow are mistaken, you can be sure.

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