Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google: Life and the Pursuit of Happiness: A Quiz for Lawyers?

Here is a great "demo" puzzle, especially for legal beagles, by the Telegraph, in hyping the Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google. You can win a trip via British Airways if you solve it and win the draw among what will be many correct solutions.

Enter the Telegraph quiz – and win a BA trip for two - Telegraph

I have solved it, of course, and when you do,
you will know where I put proof of that.
Like the hole in the donut.

Caveat emptor.
You can solve the Telegraph puzzle easily, though the very first solution may be too specific.
Be careful in jumping to conclusions. The solution must fit numerous clues.

As for the Great Global Treasure Hunt, do not spend your life on these puzzles. Solutions to previous treasure hunt books like Masquerade (great for the art) and the much lesser The Merlin Mystery were so unnecessarily complex that when the solution was known, you could just say, forget it, who cares. The necessary genius of a worthy brilliant solution was missing in both books. It may be the same with the Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google, but who knows, maybe puzzlemaster Dedopulos took his training on Delos.

Tablet Naming Madness: Sony Android Tablets Coming: Conventional Tablet S and Dual-Screen Clamshell Tablet P

Sony is introducing not one but two new tablets at the beginning of September, according to Sam Grobart of the blog Gadgetwise at the New York Times.

One of the tablets is to be a more conventional single-screen tablet christened the Tablet S and the other a dual-screen clamshell tablet called the Tablet P -- neither of which makes too much sense, whatever the S or P are to stand for. Single? Pair? Portable? Who knows.

See Sony to Offer the Tablet S and the Tablet P.

I am not of the opinion that corporations should be able to trademark ANY letter of the alphabet in any combination with words, so I am very unhappy with the names assigned to these tablets by Sony, especially in combination with the generic term TABLET.

As I have previously written, I see no Constitutional authority for corporations to be able to appropriate common words or ANY letters of the English language in any form for commercial purposes without paying special use taxes to the common weal -- and I would make those taxes stiff, so stiff as to compensate for and equalize any windfall intellectual property rights gained by such an appropriation of words or letters.

These words and letters belong to the people, not to corporations.

Alternatively, fantasy names CAN be CREATED, but goodwill must then be earned for them.

As it stands now, common generic words and individual letters that already exist, and in the case of letters, which are in limited supply, are simply STOLEN from the citizenry on a first come, first served basis.

The theft of the historically significant word Apple by that company is the primary example of word thievery by corporations for corporate gain.

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