Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Minimalist Rounded Corner Design is Ubiquitous, So Why Should One Company be able to get ANY Rights to That Design

I was looking at SAMSUNG TOMORROW Global and the image at Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Minimalist Design.

It is clear just by viewing the title of that web page that Samsung has also adopted a minimalist design focus, similar to Apple products, but "minimalist" means just that, there is not a lot of design there to be similar to. It is simply a rectangle with rounded corners and a bezel (frame) around the rectangular LCD or similar display.

This is the Apple iPad shape:

The legal question is really whether any company can obtain exclusive design rights to a rectangle with rounded corners, a rectangle that has been used as a basic figure of geometry for ages.

Here is a website selling a rounded corner wood molding frame:

Here is a website selling a silver photo frame with rounded corners:

Here is a website selling metal card frames (7 x 11 inches).

Here is website selling a Rounded Corner Frame Door Chime  (8 x 5 1/8 inches): 

Why should Apple be able to claim this timeless rectangular design as its own?

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