Monday, August 15, 2011

Fixing the European Union EU Financial Flaws: the Economist Reports

The Economist asks: How much closer a union? and concludes:
"The more leaders try to fix the euro’s flaws the more they risk exposing a flaw in the European Union itself: a project of European integration that lacks a strong democratic mandate."
Read the whole thing.

For Golfers: The Golf Swing: New Insights at Stanford University: Hip Rotation: Power Swing

Jessica Rose, PhD, and a team of researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have obtained valuable new insights on the golf swing. As John Sanford writes:
"For the first time, several key rotational-biomechanic elements of the golf stroke in its entirety, from backswing to follow-through, were analyzed, and then the data were used to generate benchmark curves, said Jessica Rose, PhD, associate professor of orthopaedic surgery and senior author of the study."
The medical object of the study was of course to study golf-induced injuries by studying swing fundamentals. It was found that pros do in fact swing differently than amateurs:
"Researchers analyzed several biomechanical elements of subjects’ golf swings, including S-factor (tilt of the shoulders), O-factor (tilt of the hips) and X-factor — the relative rotation of the hips to the shoulders, measured in degrees — which is considered key to power generation. Previous research has shown that pro golfers who hit the ball far generally have a larger peak X-factor than their peers, but this study is more extensive in that it considers X-factor in relation to other rotational biomechanics of the golf swing over the full duration of the motion."
Of immense use to all golfers, pro or amateur, and immensely valuable to teaching professionals, the study found for the first time scientifically that it is hip rotation that initiates the downswing:
"Conrad Ray, the Knowles Family Director of Men’s Golf at Stanford University and a co-author of the study, said the findings give scientific backing to the elements of golf-swing form that professionals have long understood are vital for generating power. The study also helps to clarify some unresolved questions about golf-swing biomechanics, Ray said. “One question that always comes from students is, ‘What starts the downswing?’” he said. “People have had different answers. Some would say the hands, or others would say the shoulders or the lower body. But the study confirms that rotation of the hips initiates the downswing. So that, to me, is an interesting finding.”"

Billionaire Warren Buffett Says Mega-Rich Must Pay More Taxes as a Shared Sacrifice

As reported by the Associated Press via the Washington Post, Billionaire Warren Buffett Says Mega-Rich Must Pay More Taxes as a Shared Sacrifice:
"... Washington legislators 'feel compelled to protect us, much as if we were spotted owls or some other endangered species....

People invest to make money, and potential taxes have never scared them off' [Buffett said]."
We agree with that. However, we disagree with Buffett's statement that taxes for the other 99.7% of the taxpayers should remain unchanged.

Income taxes in the United States are not high enough to finance America's world leadership expectations, its present military-industrial complex or to produce a healthy, well educated citizenry. Something has to give. Either America decides to become a 3rd-world country or its citizens will have to pay more taxes.

Billionaire George Soros Says Euro Bonds are the Solution to Europe's Financial Problems: A Spiegel Interview with the Financial Genius

Part I -- You Need This Dirty Word, Euro Bonds -- of an interview with billionaire financial genius George Soros at Spiegel Online by Gregor Peter Schmitz and Thomas Schulz leads to to some essential insights regarding the means of solution to the financial crisis in Europe.

It certainly seems sensible to listen to people like Soros who know how to deal with money. Soros may be a controversial figure because he is a money speculator, but he makes money because he understands money. Hence, if he is suggesting that one solution is better than other alternatives, it certainly pays to hear him out and his reasons for his expert opinion.

We clipped short excerpts from the SPIEGEL Interview with George Soros: 'You Need This Dirty Word, Euro Bonds' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International:
"Soros: ... The future of the euro depends on Germany. This is the point I really want to drive home. Germany is in the driver's seat because it is the largest country in Europe with the best credit rating and a chronic surplus. In a crisis, the creditor always calls the shots....
"Soros: There is simply no alternative...."
and that alternative is....
"Soros: I think there is only one choice. It is not a question of whether Europe needs a common currency. The euro exists, and if it were to break apart, all hell would break loose. Germany has to make it work. To make it work, you have got to allow the members of the euro zone to be able to refinance the bulk of their debt on reasonable terms. So you need this dirty word: "euro bonds"."
Read the entire interview, Part II of which is: " 'You Can Count on China To Back the Euro'".

A new "Page" in the Patent Wars: Motorola Mobility to be Acquired by Google

Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility (for a Few Obvious Reasons), according to Jared Newman, Techland, at Time online.

Google's Larry Page is quoted there as follows:
"Our acquisition of Motorola will increase competition by strengthening Google's patent portfolio, which will enable us to better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple and other companies."
For background, see Motorola Mobility.

LinkedIn Blog Announces Improve Your Profile Tool: Also for Lawyers and the Legal Profession

Samantha Collier at Social Media for Law Firms has an alert titled:
Lawyers, Makeover Your LinkedIn Profile With This Easy Tool!

TRY THIS: What Do You Love?: Google's Ultimate Search Mashup

Hat tip to Samantha Collier (Google's New "What Do You Love?" Campaign - Excellent Tool for Lawyers and Law Firms) and Adrian Dayton.

What Do You Love: Google's Ultimate Mashup
"Google has launched a new, mysterious service called What Do You Love. It’s a simple search box, similar to the one on Google’s homepage, but it returns results from more than 20 different Google services, including Google Translate, Trends, YouTube, Maps and Groups."

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