Monday, July 18, 2011

US Judge Rules HTC Infringing Apple Patents: The Patents May Affect the Core of the Android System

Those errant ones who think that patents drive "competition" should really do an internal brain reorganization, and this applies particularly to the lawmakers and courts, especially in the USA.

Here is another example of patent nonsense: from Crave, the gadget blog of CNET UK, reporting that:

HTC infringing on Apple patents, rules US judge.

The patents in question involve your normal jargonic patent doggerel, issued even before smart phones were invented but allegedly applying to smart phone technology.

As written for CNET UK Crave by Luke Westaway:
"The two patents refer to a 'system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data', and a 'real-time signal-processing system for serially transmitted data'.

No, we don't know what any of that means either. But the patents are thought to be core to the Android operating system. "
When I was younger, we called all of this the worst kind of B.S.

Today, people make billions with it, and that is part of the problem with America's down-spiraling economy.

When you kill off innovation and competition with overly generalized patents granted by the USPTO that cover everything but the kitchen sink, then you should not wonder that people prefer to live from doing nothing of value, because they can, given the idiocy of American patent law, rather than doing something the economy needs.

To believe those who fervently pander to current patent laws in the United States, the US economy should be on top of the world. Precisely the opposite is the case.

Think again.

Apple as a company has prospered by keeping ahead in innovation, not by being a patent troll.
Is this a sign that Apple has run out of ideas?
Caveat emptor.

Patent Wars Spread to Chip Industry

StatsView, the statistical view blog, reports that Patent War Spreads to Chip Industry.

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