Monday, May 23, 2011

New Methods Indicate that Dark Energy is a Cosmological Constant Confirming Albert Einstein: 96% of the Cosmos is Invisible and We "See" Only 4% of the Whole: Sort of Like Opinions on Legal Issues

Paul Rincon, Science reporter at BBC News, reports about new astronomical methods that confirm dark energy in the universe:
"'The results tell us that dark energy is a cosmological constant, as Einstein proposed. If gravity were the culprit, then we wouldn't be seeing these constant effects of dark energy throughout time.'
While dark energy makes up about 74% of the Universe, dark matter - which does not reflect or emit detectable light - accounts for 22%. Ordinary matter - gas, stars, planets and galaxies - makes up just 4% of the cosmos."
In other words, 96% of what we regard to be "the universe" is invisible to us.

By analogy, we can through this knowledge better understand why if you take 100 legal issues and ask 100 people, you may get 100 different opinions (we could say, something comparable to a 96% "dark universe" divergence).

The reason for this may be that the essence of things is hidden under their "visible" surface in the humanly intellectual and emotional comparable to the universe's "dark energy" and "dark matter".

Jurisprudential "rationality", indeed, accepted dogma in any academic field, may to some degree thus be merely the visible tip of a very subjective mental iceberg, whose fundamental substance is found only in the often complex and invisible depths of individual human cognition and personality.

See e.g.
Walter Mischel, Stanford University, On the Interface of Cognition and Personality: Beyond the Person-Situation Debate, American Psychologist, Vol. 34, No. 9, pp. 740-754, September 1979
Adam Benforado, Childress Lecture: The Body of the Mind: Embodied Cognition, Law, and Justice, 54 St. Louis L.J. 1185, Summer, 2010.

Lawyerist Suggests How to Deal with Online Name Calling: When People Call You Nasty Names Either Ignore Them or Treat it as Evidence That They Have Run Out of Rational Arguments

Kevin Houchin has a nice piece at the Lawyerist on how to deal with anonymous online name calling, which he says afflicts many bloggers and online writers.

His solution is just to ignore it, or, indeed, to regard it positively as evidence that your opponents have run out of rational arguments and have nothing else of value to say.

My own experience suggests that he is right, since confronting anonymous posters with their nefarious deeds only puts you into contact with people who you do not really want to know or communicate with in any way.

Take a look at his article at Name Calling: I Know You Are, But What Am I? — Lawyerist.

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