Sunday, May 15, 2011

Law vs. Ancient World Research: Different Kinds of Rewards

A new member at LexiLine (515 current members), a newsletter group of mine on the History of Civilization, just wrote:
"I am a Christian amateur astronomer Wow. I mean WOW!!! What a staggering massive amount of research! Thank you so much for making this available."
Here was my reply, that tangents on rewards in law and ancient world study:
"Thank YOU!

So many people dismiss pioneer research because it is -- as I know myself -- speculative in many aspects, without understanding the tremendous amount of work that some of these things require. Just drawing the megalithic astronomy illustrations takes immense amounts of time, pixel by pixel, regardless of the analysis itself, which is another question of tremendous time investment.

If I had devoted all this time to making money, you can be sure I would be a very rich man. I worked at a stock brokerage as a college student and I know how to do it. But that is just it. Once I knew how it was done, I was off to other things where knowledge was less certain.

The same is true for my background in law, which is easy for me as a discipline as I take to it naturally. Partners at my old law firm in New York average an annual salary of several million dollars a year.

Deciphering ancient history is a horse of a different color, but with rewards that can not be measured in dollars, even though people gravitate to gold where they find it, but that is not the point. Ancient historical study is like being on an endless treasure hunt, with one new treasure following the next, at least, so it is at the current time, with so many errors in mainstream theories.

I suppose the treasure-hunt aspect is why so many archaeologists and students of Biblical history are so fascinated by this field and why so many "adventurers" and alleged "amateurs" have been the ones to make the major finds and decipherments in this field of inquiry. Indiana Jones lives.

Again, thank YOU for making my day.

- Andis
Andis Kaulins"

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