Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mosel Roads and Highways: The Paradox of the Planned €300 Million Mosel Bridge and the Desperate Condition of Roads that Already Exist

We posted previously at LawPundit about the controversial massive bridge planned for the Mosel River in Germany (Moselhochübergang, Moselhochbrücke) and the accompanying already ongoing unnecessary road project, which will cost more than €300 million.

At the same time we wondered why there was not enough money to maintain the roads that already exist in the Mosel region.

The latest news here on the Mosel River is that Highway B53 -- the main road on the Mosel -- has been blocked off (again) until Easter because of falling rocks on the stretch between Traben-Trarbach (Rißbach) and Traben-Trarbach (Wolff), a rough stretch of road long known to be geologically unstable and already allegedly "strengthened" at some cost some years ago without any improvement to the road itself.

Take a look at this photograph at which shows the terrible shape of this section of the road, on which the speed limit has been reduced over time from 100 to 70 and recently to only 30 kilometers per hour, because of some increasingly sagging sections of road that have existed for months, without anything being done about it in terms of repair, making normal driving impossible. That the road is not geologically safe has been clear FOR MONTHS.

We ask again. How is it possible that there is no money available to repair the vital roads that already exist, but millions of Euros are available for monstrous new road-building projects that the Mosel does not need?

How to Remove Disabled Greyed-Out Add-on Extensions in Firefox 4: e.g. the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant (ClickOnce) Extension

See the following link for instructions on how to

"Remove the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant (ClickOnce) Firefox Extension

[Update 2012 -- once you get to the folder Extension in those instructions, click on it and various "strings" like for example
will appear in the right column. Click on any string and a dialogue box will appear, telling you which add-on that string represents -- each such string that represents a grayed-out add-on that you no longer want can then be removed and each such removed grayed-out add-on will have disappeard on the Firefox add-ons list the next time you start Firefox.]

All of the instructions given there worked fine for me (I also removed a disabled media player extension via regedit there at the same time),

except that to  find the

DotNetAssistantExtension folder for deletion

I looked for

%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\Windows Presentation Foundation

in the "run" search box that opens at the bottom left of the screen when you click the Microsoft Windows logo there. This took to me to the right place in the files where I deleted the DotNetAssistantExtension folder.

When I restarted Firefox, all of the greyed out programs I had deleted no longer appeared as useless entries in Firefox 4 add-ons, leaving more visible room for useful new add-ons.

Of course, I herewith report on MY experience ONLY and this is NO GUARANTEE that it will work for you. I assume no liability for anything that any user does on his PC or other machine. If you are not a techie, get this done by an expert so you do not delete something you need.

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