Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Legalis Interruptus and the Berlusconi Sex Trial as Adjourned After 7 Minutes: European Attitudes Toward the Private Sex Lives of Politicians is Different than in Puritan Double Standard America

Say what you want, but Spiegel Online International has an eye-catcher of a title in "Legalis Interruptus", a report out of Milan, Italy by Hans-J├╝rgen Schlamp on the Silvio Berlusconi "sex trial", which was adjourned after seven viz. eight minutes, depending on the source, hence the title.

Sex in politics is simply not a very hot topic for many Europeans, as opposed to America, where various double standards about sexuality exist. In Europe, by and large, people presume not only that sexuality is a fact of life, but that it is a private matter. Your average person says, come on, let's get to the things important to politics, rather than wallow vicariously in the personal sex lives of selected politicians.

In Italy, Berlusconi's sexual escapades have probably made him more popular than ever with many Italians, who identify positively with the sexual potency of their Prime Minister at his advanced age (74).

A poll in Italy suggests that the sex trial will not have any significant impact on Berlusconi's political fortunes: As Christopher Emsden of the Dow Jones Newswires reports at the Wall Street Journal online in Disgruntled Italians Say Berlusconi Scandal Won't Matter-Poll:
"... 26% of Italians ... think the whole affair is inconsequential and will be forgotten within a few days, and ... 24% ... say they expect the claims to boomerang against the cheering opposition and lead Berlusconi to win more votes in the future, according to IPSOS. "

Finding Lawyers via Blogs: David A. Shulman, P.L. at the South Florida Estate Planning Law Blog Finds Holes in ABA Study on How People Find Lawyers

Sometimes even a well-intentioned poll can go astray if the methodology is deficient, as David A. Shulman, P.L., points out at his South Florida Estate Planning Law Blog in American Bar Association's Silly Study Discovers People Use Referrals, Not Blogs To Find Lawyers -- Also that the Sky is Blue.

Shulman points out that the questions asked by the study were flawed, and that the people in the study were asked those questions via landline telephones.

You mean there are people who still use those?

Obviously, a sample of people who predominantly use cell phones and/or who spend a lot of time online would likely come out differently.

Read the whole thing here.

How would a Skype user find lawyers?

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