Friday, April 01, 2011

Removal of Twitter and Facebook Buttons for Posts To Speed Up Page Loads

The Twitter and Facebook buttons which usually were visible for each individual posting as well as the automatic TwitterFeed app all slowed down pageloads far beyond acceptable limits so I have removed them as unnecessary.

Copyrights to Listserv Statements? Much Ado About Nothing: If a Sentence is not CREATIVE it is not Copyrightable: That's the LAW said the Judge

Debra Cassens Weiss at the ABA Journal Law News Now reports that Judge Uses Shakespeare Insult in Rejecting Lawyer’s Copyright Claim for Copied Sentence.

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING was the decision. The sentence in question was found "not copyrightable" and its forwarding online was found to be fair use anyway.

We find cases like this to be of interest because they go to the heart of the fine line between what is copyrightable and what is not.

Eugene Volokh comments on the case at Forwarding a Sentence-Long Message from a Listserv = Copyright Infringement?, writing inter alia:
"... no dice, said the district court in Stern v. Does (C.D. Cal., decided Feb. 10, 2011 but just now made available on Westlaw) ... concluding that the message lacked the modicum of creativity required for copyright protection — because it was so short and dictated by functional considerations — and that the copying was a fair use...."
We find the whole line of reasoning of Judge Dolly M. Gee in Stern v. Does (C.D. Cal., Feb. 10, 2011) to be exemplary for the entire rationale applied to intellectual property protection -- or not.

Software code, for example, is all the better the shorter it is and the more functional it can be made to be. One line of software code is about as creative as saying "if n=1 then go to 2", where n is a line of code.

That is why we oppose in principle software patents and copyrights on software code unless they apply to some cohesive software module or total software program. It is the way that functional elements are put together that is creative. The code itself is already defined by the programming language used and is functional in function, rather than creative, so why should it be protected??

Yale Law School Applications Drop Significantly After Record Level Last Year, Following National Trend

Debra Cassens Weiss at the ABAJournal Law News Now reports that Yale Law School Gets Hit by Double-Digit Drop in Applications, while the nationwide drop averages 11.5%.

Legal Ed, Law Schools and Jobs Data Under Fire in ABA Meeting Agenda

See Martha Neil at the ABA Journal Law New Now at Hot Topics on ABA Meeting Agenda: Post-Law-School Jobs Data; 'Revolutionary' Legal Ed Changes?

Wisconsin Governor and Cronies Learning that THE LAW Also Applies to Them

As reported by the Associated Press, Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi, the same judge that issued an emergency restraining order to block the Wisconsin Secretary of State from publishing a legally challenged legislative bill denying collective bargaining to public workers while she considered the question of whether Wisconsin Republicans had violated Wisconsin's open meetings law in passing the bill, now has declared that the bill was not properly published by the trick of having a different state bureau publish the bill. The governor was reportedly ready to rely on that trick in treating the bill as properly published.

We commented previously on the despicable situation in Wisconsin. Apparently, some Republicans and the apparently incompetent governor in that State think that the law does not apply to them and that they can willfully ignore court orders and bypass such orders with tricks, virtually treating the courts as irrelevant.

It is time to get these kinds of people out of public office, regardless of State or political party. America does not need them.

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