Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tyranny ala McCarthyism Returning to Wisconsin? The State Breeds Disrespect for the Law and Defies Court Order Not to Publish the Challenged Collective Bargaining Denial Law

We read in an article by Scott Bauer at Bloomberg BusinessWeek that Wisconsin union law published despite court order.

What goes on in the State of Wisconsin? where a college dropout with a history of rules violations is serving his first term as governor.

With apparently incompetent people like this elected to high State offices, America needs no foreign enemies. They have them at home.

Has a new form of tyranny -- running roughshod over the laws and courts -- similar to McCarthyism, the un-American spirit of former Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, returned to that State?

When the government of a State shows disrespect for the legal system and resorts to the trick described in the article, public disrespect for the law is soon to follow. ("A state bureau published the law after the secretary of state was ordered not to do so.")

Why should a citizen of Wisconsin follow ANY court order or law passed by the legislature if the State thinks it is above having to honor court orders itself?

This is no way to do government business and projects America to the world in the worst possible light. We are hoping that the people of Wisconsin boot out these kinds of incompetents as soon as possible.

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