Wednesday, March 16, 2011

End of the Internet? Online Technology Culture Has Merged Seamlessly with Real Life: It's Kind of Everything in the Sense of Ubiquitous Computing But Far More Than That

At The Guardian, Oliver Burkeman has a thought-provoking article from the South by Southwest 2011 titled The Internet is Over, but not in the way you might think at first glance. He means that the Internet as a separate entity of technology culture has ceased to exist. It has in fact now merged with real life to a degree not even envisioned by the coiner of the term "Ubiquitous Computing".

Powering the World with Renewable Energy is Possible Say Stanford and UC-Davis Researchers Jacobson and Delucchi via What on Earth? at Science Friday Blog

At The Science Friday Blog (Every Day is Science Friday), Neil Wagner uses his comic strip "What on Earth?" in a posting titled
A world of wind power… and solar power…and…
to refer to the research
of Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University and Mark A. Delucchi of UC-Davis
which claims that:
"the world could transition to exclusively renewable power sources ... in 40 years or less."

Apparently, the technology is there. Read the whole thing.

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